MisterTyre forms fleet partnership with SoCar Fleet Services

  • Will manage all tyre, alignment / rotation, battery and engine oil for
  • Partnership will significantly reduce the down-time for the fleet


MisterTyre forms fleet partnership with SoCar Fleet Services


MISTERTYRE Sdn Bhd, an on-demand smartphone app for comprehensive mobile car care delivered to the consumer at home or work has formed a fleet partnership with SoCar Fleet Services.

MisterTyre’s B2B strategy focuses on assisting fleet owners save money, internal resources and time with on-demand mobile car care. Its fleet partnership with SoCar covers over 350 cars in Kuala Lumpur. SoCar is an Asian car-sharing platform that allows its users to book and use cars via a smartphone app. 

SoCar Malaysia CEO Leon Foong, said, “We are very excited to enter into this collaboration with MisterTyre. Operational efficiency and minimised down-time is key to ensuring that SoCar members continue to enjoy their cars of choice at affordable hourly prices.

“MisterTyre is a natural automotive service on-demand partner for SoCar as we both share the same obsession for safety, efficiency and well-maintained vehicles.”

MisterTyre’s president and founder Dennis Melka, said, “We are excited to work with and have the opportunity to service SoCar’s Malaysian fleet. We are honoured to be chosen by the SoCar team and entrusted with the business.  MisterTyre will manage all tyre, alignment / rotation, battery and engine oil for SoCar. The partnership will significantly reduce the down-time for the SoCar fleet as our maintenance is provided at the customer’s location in time slots of their preference.

“Most jobs are completed on-site within 30 minutes to one hour compared to traditional stores which require several hours or often and entire day of down-time for the vehicle. In addition to reduced down-time of the vehicle, SoCar will receive laser tyre scans indicating with precision the tyre condition of its vehicles.”

PureCar, an anti-bacterial interior car treatment, has been added as a new service line to complement the existing product lines of tyres, rotation/alignment, battery and oil change.  This treatment eliminates 99.99% of bacterial and fungus in car interiors and air conditioning systems.

MisterTyre will soon add rims, brakes and engine tune-up as new service lines. These product extensions are in response to customer and dealer requests. The company is also expanding into ancillary consumable products which will be sold as part of its core service lines.

Customers will be able to purchase fuel and engine oil additives, air filters, windshield wipers and car accessories. All accessories and liquids will be professionally fitted or added to the vehicle.

All of MisterTyre’s customers receive, free of charge, a personalised tyre status report. This laser tyre scanner was developed for the performance racing industry and is free of charge to MisterTyre customers. The data from this scanner alerts the customer to any tyre safety issues, recommends immediate replacement if tyre tread is below 2.5 mm.

MisterTyre has achieved van level profitability with a time slot utilisation of less than 29% for the month of April, excluding acquisition costs of approximately US$5.65 per customer. Management expects this time slot utilisation break-even level to fall to less than 20% when the additional product extensions and ancillary retail products are offered to customers in 2H 2018.

MisterTyre is expanding its van design partnership with Reading Pneumatic Services Ltd (RPS) in London, United Kingdom. RPS is a leader in mobile van outfits in Europe and the Gulf. The MisterTyre team has worked closely with RPS to develop its second-generations vans now operating in Malaysia.

RPS and MisterTyre are now developing a third generations van, based on Ford’s High Top Extended Length Cargo Van from the US which will provide improved customer service and product line capabilities and allows for servicing of 26” rims.

MisterTyre is initiating a partner-based area expansion in Penang and Johor Baharu. The company’s regional partners will benefit from technology infrastructure and logistics already developed over the last 18 months; furthermore, fleet customers will benefit from lower operating costs and improved service when these operations are launched.


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