MedPlanner launches Equity Crowdfunding campaign on Ata Plus

  • Funds raised will contribute to the business’s growth and expansion plans
  • Aims to improve clinical communication by combining high-fidelity digital tech with clinical expertise


The MedPlanner team (from left) CGO Danil Dahlan; CEO Dr. Ezam Mat Ali; and CTO Ahmad Fauzi


EMPLOYING 10 years of research and data collected from early users in the UK, MedPlanner is developing their second-generation communication app for collaboration between clinicians around the world to facilitate better communication and coordination in patient care delivery.

MedPlanner is providing clinicians with an all-in-one clinical technology-enabled solution to combat the healthcare inefficiency arising from poor communication.

According to a 2017 study made by BMJ (the British Medical Journal), WhatsApp is the most popular third-party messaging app for clinicians to solicit second opinions, sharing confidential medical imaging results, all the way to asking colleagues for cover over shifts. However, the broad nature of the generic messaging app does not warrant a secure platform for protected health information and does not comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA). Consequently, in 2016, the Ministry of Health has banned the use of Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and blogs to discuss patients.

Responding to these problems, Dr. Ezam Mat-Ali, a consultant paediatrician at the London North West Healthcare, founded MedPlanner. Starting his research in 2009, Dr. Ezam developed the first simulation training in London to improve clinical communication through the use of high-fidelity digital technology and was in the pioneering group at University College London to complete his Master’s degree in Technology in Clinical Practice.

In 2017, with a team of software analysts and developers, a basic web-based prototype was developed in the UK to enable virtual team discussions of patient cases. The data gathered from the first prototype has shown that clinical communication has significantly improved through their platform leading to 700% increment in productivity and with a measurable improvement of revenue of £500,000 (RM2.7 million) thanks to higher efficiency, reduction in running costs and better patient care.

“We offer the first all-in-one clinical communication platform allowing for collaboration between clinicians around the world to promote better communication and coordination in patient care delivery. Clinicians can easily share results, receive feedback on patient progress, and discuss multiple cases concurrently with their team,” said Dr. Ezam, co-founder and CEO of MedPlanner. “With over one million patient-related messages each day being processed over non-compliant chat apps in Malaysia’s public hospitals, we are in a unique position in this current point in time to bring our solution into Malaysia’s healthcare delivery market,” added Dr. Ezam.

The MedPlanner app is secure and compliant with regulators, and is fully encrypted to industry standards with the use of blockchain technology. The clinical messaging app is also the first to incorporate a bulletin feature to cascade information from health authorities, organisations and professional bodies. This service reduces the risk of negative consequences to health outcomes of patients in this increasingly value-based and patient-centered healthcare system.

Now, MedPlanner is seeking the support of the community to build their business further. The funds raised in MedPlanner’s ECF investment round on Ata Plus will be used for further product development and marketing initiatives to expand to five countries by 2020.

"We see a lot of potential in MedPlanner and the solution they are bringing to tackle a universal issue in healthcare delivery," Elain Lockman, co-founder and director of Ata Plus, said in a statement.

"Our equity crowdfunding platform is especially designed to help such innovative businesses thrive, letting anyone invest in the hyper growth of innovative tech startups and growing companies such as MedPlanner," Elain added.

For more information on the company and the investment details, please visit


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