Choosing a credit card? Let Fulus help

  • Provides information on benefits, annual fees, fines and requirements set by each credit card
  • Credit card categories featured on Fulus will accommodate lifestyle preferences


Choosing a credit card? Let Fulus help


BRILIO.NET, an Indonesian digital content publisher focusing on the millennial audience, introduces its latest product: Fulus, a digital platform that helps millennials make financial decisions through providing information and comparison regarding various credit card products available in the market.

Joe Wadakethalakal,’s co-founder and CEO, said that efficiency is a priority for millennials. This also applies in choosing means of payment, making cashless transactions using debit cards, e-money, and credit cards as a preference to using physical money.

However, choosing the right means of payment is sometimes problematic as it requires tedious comparison studies of the various products available to millennials.


Choosing a credit card? Let Fulus help


“Based on a research we conducted with JakPat Mobile Survey involving 1024 respondents from 34 provinces in Indonesia, around 59% of Indonesian millennials – especially the middle class — prefer cashless payment to the conventional one.

“We also found that 63% of Indonesia millennials need credit cards, but 66% of millennials face difficulties in choosing the best card for their needs. With Fulus, we hope we can be a solution to such problem and be a reliable source of information regarding credit cards,” Joe said.

According to Joe, Fulus provides a comprehensive comparison regarding cards, from benefits, annual cost, fines, to requirements set by each credit card.

This information will then help millennials decide on the best product for their needs and situation with no fuss. Fulus’ recommendation can also cater to each millennial’s lifestyle and preference.


Choosing a credit card? Let Fulus help


Based on JakPat’s Mobile Survey, most credit card purchases made by millennials are for electronic devices (27%), food and beverages (25%), and traveling (23%) – this shows how much credit cards play a role in millennials’ lifestyles.

The credit card categories featured on Fulus will accommodate such lifestyle preferences by categorising the credit cards into groups such as best for travel, rewards, first card, dining, cashback, and targeted at women.

“With Fulus, frequent travellers, for instance, will know which credit card suits them the best – and so will foodies, fashionistas and beauty fans. Fulus even provides specialised services for first-time credit card applicants. With complete information, first-timers will be at ease upon taking a decision regarding their choice of products. We guarantee that our recommendations are honest and independent,” Joe said.

Beyond recommendation, Fulus also acts as a platform where users can apply to their chosen credit cards and bank directly from the website without having to deal with physical forms. Fulus is fully accessible on starting Jan 04, 2018.

Partnership with Cermati

Brilio works with fintech start-up Cermati in the development of Fulus. Cermati, whose strength is in financial product comparison, supports this project by providing the data on banking and credit card application processes.

The monetisation of this project comes from an affiliation system where Brilio earns revenue from each successful credit card application made by Fulus users. In future, Fulus will complete its features with comparisons of other financial products besides credit cards.


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