Career management platform JobKred officially launches

  • Helps people find the right career, learn the right skills, get the right jobs
  • Data-driven approach to skills development and talent acquisition
Career management platform JobKred officially launches

AFTER a soft launch last August, ‘career management platform’ JobKred has officially launched, saying it uses big data to help individuals “find the right career, learn the right skills, and get the right jobs.”
Users can input their skills and receive recommended careers, identify and acquire the key skills employers are looking for, and also receive career planning recommendations, the company said in a statement.
JobKred chief executive officer Gary Gan, formerly the business development head at Singapore startup TradeHero, said he was inspired to create JobKred after tough experiences both as a career switcher, and a hiring manager.
“In my previous startup, I was in charge of marketing a mobile stock trading app, but I had no previous experience in mobile app marketing, and I quickly realised that what I learnt from my business degree was outdated,” he said in a statement.
“I spent a few months struggling to understand and learn the basics of digital marketing, before managing to be successful.
“Similarly, as a hiring manager, it was tedious and time-consuming to look for the best candidate. I kept thinking back to how data-driven marketing had become, and whether those principals could be applied to HR (human resources),” he added.
JobKred said it helps individuals understand where their skills can fit complementary careers, or helps them stay relevant to industry changes in job requirements.
It also helps companies to automate their hiring, by using JobKred’s algorithms to automatically score incoming candidates for job fit, saving them time and helping them identify top talent.
At the heart of JobKred are machine learning algorithms, powered by millions of data points continually collected from all over the Internet, the company claimed.
This allows JobKred to maintain an accurate and self-improving snapshot of the current labour market, thus keeping the platform relevant to industry changes.
“With JobKred, you can now know which key skills to acquire to stay relevant, or what to focus on to get promotions,” claimed Gan.
“For example, the key skills employers are looking for in marketing executives are hard skills like social media marketing, advertising, and email marketing.
“However, this changes markedly when you move up the ladder. For the marketing vice president role, employers look for soft skills and strategic skills, like product management, competitor analysis, and strategic planning, etc.
“This knowledge allows individuals to self-manage their career trajectory, and our system will provide recommendations and guidance to help plan their career growth,” he added.
Since its soft launch in August 2015, JobKred has garnered over 500 companies and 4,0000 individuals using the platform, the company claimed.
It is currently offering a free trial of its platform to all recruiters at and job seekers at
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