Lalamove celebrates 6th anniversary, surpasses 230 million deliveries

  • Unique users growing at a CAGR of 295%; driver partners at a CAGR of 95%
  • To deepen penetration into existing markets and investing in new locations


Lalamove celebrates 6th anniversary, surpasses 230 million deliveries


CELEBRATING its 6th anniversary recently, on-demand delivery app Lalamove is marking over half a decade of growth and cementing its status as an Asian start-up unicorn.

Since launching in 2013, Lalamove has seen rapid expansion off the back of demand from individual customers as well as businesses. Lalamove started operations in three cities – Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok – and has since grown to cover more than 260 cities internationally, including a presence in Southeast Asia, India and South America.

With growth in the number of orders successfully delivered over the past 12 months, Lalamove recently broke through the 230 million-order milestone.

Lalamove’s number of unique users, including businesses, is increasing year-on-year at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 295%. Lalamove’s driver partners are growing at a CAGR of 95%. Lalamove’s own headcount is rapidly expanding, nearly tripling over the past 12 months to reach a total of about 5,000 employees worldwide.

Blake Larson, managing director, International, of Lalamove, said, “We’re extremely proud to join the ranks of Asia’s innovative and industrious tech unicorns, especially as we celebrate our 6th anniversary. With competition rife for the consumer dollar, we offer businesses an opportunity to grow and scale without having to worry about managing their own delivery operations.

“There are thousands of medium and small enterprises across the region who need business services, multi-stop capability and other delivery solutions to reach their customers effectively. To that end, they have access to our fleet of professionally-trained drivers and can arrange deliveries on-demand or ahead of time. Our technology also allows companies to automate delivery requests and track orders.”

Looking ahead to 2020

With six years in offering flexible on-demand logistics to individuals and businesses small and large, Lalamove has gained insight into key regional trends for on-the-ground logistics in a number of areas – including e-commerce.

Asia is home to an e-commerce market that rivals all other regions in terms of scale and growth, with increasingly fierce competition for a share of the growing middle class.

In response, e-commerce players are setting their sights beyond the major metropolitan cities and looking to capture new consumers in emerging urban centres across the Philippines, India, Vietnam and beyond.

Here, rapid urbanisation is driving new economic opportunities and consumer demand – but last mile delivery can complicate logistics due to traffic conditions, varied urban landscapes and other factors that impede retail goods from quickly reaching their final destination.

“Last mile solutions are essential, whether you’re a massive conglomerate or a small business with big ambitions. As Lalamove expands to new markets like Brazil and India, we’re thrilled to offer all our business partners a seamless and hassle-free last mile experience.

“With Lalamove’s unique technology that intelligently optimises delivery, calculates the best route and enhances tracking and transparency, we can support individuals and businesses of every size to make quick, convenient deliveries,” said Larson.

In 2019 Lalamove expanded to reach nine new markets including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Hyderabad and Pattaya. This growth built on 2018 expansions to new markets including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi and Cebu.


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