TradeGecko rolls out customisable B2B e-commerce software

  • Personalised, private marketplace for seamless, real-time order management
  • Eliminates bottlenecks and redundancies in the sales process, company claims
TradeGecko rolls out customisable B2B e-commerce software

CLOUD-based inventory and sales management provider TradeGecko has introduced its customisable private B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce software.
The premise of the new private B2B marketplace is to provide businesses with a customisable platform where their customers can access a personalised, private marketplace for seamless, real-time order management.
This platform is integrated directly with the business’s TradeGecko account for instantaneous tracking and updates, the company said in a statement.
Since its launch in 2012, TradeGecko’s Inventory Management platform has already assisted merchants to sell and purchase goods of a total value of over US$850 million to date, with over US$515 million in sales and over US$353 million in purchases facilitated so far, TradeGecko claimed.
Recent research by Forrester highlights the massive growth of B2B e-commerce to US$559 billion in 2013 alone (more than doubling that of B2C or business-to-consumer e-commerce).
TradeGecko’s new private B2B e-commerce software aims to capitalise on this trend, and to help grow the sales of businesses by eliminating the bottlenecks and redundancies in the sales process, it added.
Studies have shown that average value order increases by 44% when B2B customers are migrated online,” said its chief executive officer Cameron Priest.
“With our new B2B e-commerce software, we hope to not just greatly streamline work and sales flow for businesses, but ultimately to exponentially power up the day-to-day efficiency of our customers as they grow their businesses in the long run,” he added.
The new software features the same design, interface and user experiences as the TradeGecko platform, allowing businesses to place orders with their customers directly, without the need for them to be contacted by phone or email as done traditionally.
The order is then instantaneously logged for approval in TradeGecko, upon which shipping, invoicing and payment can be arranged.
A key feature of the new platform is the high degree of customisability, which TradeGecko said is perfect for businesses with a strong focus on a holistic customer experience. Not only can they specifically customise the product catalogue available for each customer, but also the prices they would pay.
In addition, personalised log-in and marketplace URLs for each customer will also be available soon after launch, TradeGecko said.
Available at, the new private B2B e-commerce platform is free for all customers of TradeGecko.
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