Wonderful new tech from CES 2019

  • New devices in all shapes and sizes to hit the market in 2019
  • Everything from AI-enabled devices to smartwatches

THAT time of the year has come when technology news is bursting at the seams with the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in Las Vegas. Running from Jan 8 to 11, everything imaginable under the sun is being showcased at the mega technology event.

Apart from the regular showing of TVs, laptops, wearables, drones and among many things, this year we are starting to see more Internet of Things (IoT), voice assistants and other smart devices enter the fray.

Without further ado here are some of the interesting stories that are emerging out of CES 2019.

Procter & Gamble’s entry into the IoT space

Better known for its fast-moving consumer goods products, Procter & Gamble is a dinosaur compared to the numerous tech companies occupying the floor space at CES 2019. That certainly has not stopped this traditional company from trying its hand at breaking into the IoT space.

Much of the company’s focus at this year’s CES 2019 is to show that an old dog can indeed do new tricks. It is putting sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) into everyday objects that you wouldn’t even think would need tech.

Take for example the Olay Skin Advisor, an online beauty tool that uses AI to analyse selfies and recommend custom skincare products. Fancy algorithms work in the back to factor in things like your age and make an informed suggestion.

What about toothbrushes? As mundane as it may be, there is a new toothbrush called the Oral-B Genius X that cultivates better brushing habits. By using AI technology that analyses different brushing behaviour, it is able to offer personalised feedback on areas of improvement.

While this product may not be practical in Southeast Asian countries, Gillette has a self-heating razor that gives a more comfortable shave when you are, say, shaving in the dead of winter.

Sphero produces music by using colours

Music is something that you can’t actually see but conceptually Sphero wants to turn that idea on its head with a product called Specdrums.

To use it, users will need to wear a ring that is outfitted with sensors that is able to detect colours and an accelerometer that determines when a user has tapped on an object. Quite literally you can make music anywhere you are.

Paired over Bluetooth and charged over microUSB, it is able to last for two hours on a single charge.

You don’t have to wait long to get your hands on one as it will be released on Jan 7 with a starting price of US$64.99 for one ring.

Heatworks Duo Smart Untethered Carafe produces instant hot water


Wonderful new tech from CES 2019


Gone are the days of having to wait for the kettle to boil. In an age of instant gratification even hot water is available at the press of a button. Feeding our desire to want more things instantly is Heatworks with the Duo Smart Untethered Carafe.

What is cool… or hot about it is that, it lets you set the precise temperature of water you want to pour into your drink. Even with a glass of cool water, the Duo can heat your H2O accurately down to plus or minus one degree of your selected temperature.

According to Heatworks, the Duo uses “ohmic array technology” a patented tech that does not use metal heating elements but excites the minerals in the water through the use of graphite electrodes and advanced electronics.

Though we can’t say we fully understand how the technology works, if Heatworks has things its way, the company intends to push this technology to more electric water-heating devices by 2020.

Ledger’s Nano X brings online currency to the offline world


Wonderful new tech from CES 2019


Cryptocurrencies were all the rage in 2018 and while the prices for select currencies has gone down, if you are still in the game this device may interest you. The Bluetooth-enabled Ledger Nano X is about the same size of your average thumb drive but it allows you to hold your bitcoin locally without needing an exchange.

Connecting to mobile devices via an app, this device allows you to access your wallets via your phone. Wallets such as these need to be connected over USB to prevent unauthorised access.

For security, it requires a PIN to unlock and it supports multiple physical devices tied to the same key. In addition, Ledger assures that it has security features to ensure the Nano X only responds to a device running the corresponding Ledger app.

This is another device that will be available soon as pre-orders have opened for it at US$119 per unit and it is expected to ship in March.

Withings new Move smartwatch lasts 18 months on a single charge


Wonderful new tech from CES 2019


Wearable company Withings has introduced its latest smartwatch aptly named Move that is a combination of an analogue watch with the smarts of a smartwatch to measure your activities and exercises.

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, the company was previously acquired by Nokia but was sold back to its original founders in mid-2018.

As mentioned, the watch has an 18-month battery life due to its analogue nature, it synchronises with an iOS and Android app for users to see data it has collected so far. But it does have some fancy technology inside that includes electrodes to measure one’s heartbeat.

The Move is also relatively inexpensive at US$70 a pop, and will be available in five distinct colours from the usual black to bright red and cool aqua colours.


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