Sony steals E3 2017’s opening day

  • Exciting announcement of new games from Sony to keep gamers busy right up to 2018
  • Increase in VR game announcements to keep PS VR owners happy


Sony steals E3 2017’s opening day


THIS year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is the world's biggest trade show on games. This year is a year of firsts as the previously industry-exclusive event opens its doors to the public.

It seems fitting that the influx of new participants has indirectly resulted in a crowded announcement calendar as a torrent of new game trailers and announcements flood the news pipeline.

Sony’s E3 2017 presentation managed to keep its head above water with some notable new PlayStation 4 (PS4) games with things old and new to keep fans happy.

Much like previous years, Sony has kept a razor-sharp focus on the core reason gamers buy its console -- the games.

Sony’s gaming tour de force brought out its exclusive games like God of War, Spider-Man and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy front and centre.


Sony steals E3 2017’s opening day


Previously announced games like the new God of War showed off the angry Spartan Kratos in all his anger and violence while embarking on a journey with his young son. At the very least, we won’t have to wait long as the game is slated for an early 2018 release date.

For a more light-hearted but still heavy on action, adventure, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy leaves Nathan Drake behind but features an all-female lead cast that stars Drake’s former lover/ partner Chloe and mercenary Claudia in a quest for treasure in India. It is right around the corner with an August 22 release date.


Sony steals E3 2017’s opening day


Post-apocalyptic zombie game Days Gone, shows off its atmospheric and brutal take on survival as players are able to manipulate the environment and even the zombies themselves to deal punishment to human foes. There is more polish to the game now though there is no solid release date for it.

For something even closer on the horizon (pardon the pun), there is Horizon: Zero Dawn. One of Sony’s original games for 2017, it is not even six months old yet is getting an expansion in the form of The Frozen Wilds later this year.

Sony also took the chance to announce the return of a classic, Shadow of The Colossus now being remade for PS4 no doubt with better graphics while retaining the masterful gameplay from yesteryear. No release date has been announced but it scheduled for a 2018 release.

Not forgetting the PlayStation VR, Sony is serious in bringing the best in new content to the PS VR. It announced a VR version of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim complete with all its expansions, giving gamers a chance to step into its mystical fantasy realm.

There was also the time-bending shooter Superhot that brings the PC shooter experience to console and an add-on for Final Fantasy XV called Monsters of the Deep.

Finally, Sony saved the best for last as it unveiled developer Insomniac’s take on the world of Spider-Man. Presenting a hyper-realistic and cinematic experience of being the famed wall-crawling superhero himself, this new generation game is everything a Spider-Man could want delivering exhilarating combat, death-defying leaps from rooftops all while saving New York City.

The game is only due out in 2018 and is definitely one to keep on your radar for the coming year.


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