The solar-powered Garmin Enduro arrives in Malaysia

  • Power Glass solar charging lens can boost battery life up to 65 days
  • Features comprehensive training, recovery tools including VO2 Max for trail conditions

The solar-powered Garmin Enduro arrives in Malaysia THE Enduro, Garmin’s solar-powered smartwatch for endurance athletes, has been launched in Malaysia. This smartwatch not only features a range of power-management tools, but also features a 'Power Glass' solar charging lens can convert solar energy to boost the battery life up to 65 days, Garmin said in a statement.

The idea is for athletes to focus on training and performance without the distraction of a diminishing battery life, said Scoppen Lin, director of Garmin Asia.

“Built to endure uncompromising environments as well as to last during any ultra-event, the Enduro gives ultrarunners and cyclists the assurance that their watch has as much energy as they do, including the advanced dynamics insights they require to monitor their performance,” he said.

The Garmin Enduro sports a lightweight and durable design, which comes with an UltraFit nylon strap and a steel bezel.

Settings can also be adjusted or disabled to give the device a longer battery life. Garmin claimed that with a full charge, an athlete can squeeze about 70 hours with GPS, which can be extended to 80 hours with solar capabilities.

The solar-powered Garmin Enduro arrives in Malaysia Users can also expect a comprehensive set of training and recovery tools, beginning with Vo2 Max, which Garmin said automatically adjusts the smartwatch based on trail conditions as well as through heat and altitude acclimation.

ClimbPro, on the other hand, provides real-time information on current and upcoming climbs, including gradient, distance and elevation gain via an ascent planner. It also provides information for descents and flats, which helps with safety and awareness.

For mountain bikers, the Enduro can track details of an MTB ride with mountain biking metrics alongside specialised grit and flow measurements that rate difficulty and track the time of descent. There’s even a built-in recovery advisory, to recommend how long a user should rest before another big effort or next workout based on sleep and wellness data.

These all come on top of health and wellness features, including wrist-based heart rate and a Pulse Ox 3 sensor for altitude acclimation and advanced sleep tracking. It also includes Garmin’s exclusive 'Body Battery' feature that monitors data to gauge energy levels, which can help with scheduling workouts and rest times.

The Garmin Enduro is available in Malaysia now, priced at US$894 (RM3,699). Customers can find the device on Lazada, Shopee, AECO e-store and all authorised retailers.


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