Samsung delays relaunch of Galaxy Note 7

  • New smartphones expected in October
  • United States bans Note 7 from aircraft
Samsung delays relaunch of Galaxy Note 7

SAMSUNG has decided to delay the relaunch of its Note 7 devices in South Korea as the firm says it needs more time for the global recall of the device.
The company had recalled around 2.5 million devices globally due to overheating batteries. Dozens of devices were reported to have caught fire.
The phone was to be back on the shelf on 28th September, but is now expected only around October 1st at the earliest.  On 2nd September Samsung had said it would stop selling the phones and offered to replace the ones already sold. The company had also asked buyers to stop using the device.
The global recall affects 10 countries. In South Korea, according to Samsung, almost 200,000 people have already returned the device with around the same number still yet to do so. According to Reuters, the new markets where the phone will start selling will be Australia and Singapore.
The Galaxy Note 7 is not the only Samsung phone which has recently been on sire. Last week, cabin crew on an Indian passenger aircraft used a fire extinguisher to tackle a smoking older Samsung handset. The Galaxy Note 2, a model launched in 2012, was smouldering and spitting sparks, according to a statement from airline IndiGo.
In the US, regulators have ordered a recall of the Note 7, while the country's Federal Aviation Administration has told airline passengers not to bring the phones on planes unless they keep them turned off and do not charge them during the flight.
A number of airlines around the globe have also banned the phone from being used or charged on their planes.
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