Power to the Pros with Apple's iMac Pro

  • Speced out with the very best components made to meet the requirements of professionals
  • Price starts at US$5,147 and can run up to US$14,638 at max configuration

Power to the Pros with Apple's iMac Pro

Apple has taken the wraps off its new iMac Pro, built for maximum power and efficiency that any professional could want.

On the inside the new iMac Pro comes can be configured with an Intel Xeon W processor, turbo boosted up to 4.2GHz. It will also come with 32GB of memory and is configurable up to 128GB. That's not to mention that it comes with a massive 1TB SSD storage.

Graphically, it comes powered by a new graphics chip: AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega. As Apple notes on their website – ‘Vega graphics. The beast behind the beauty.’With the Radeon Pro Vega graphics, the iMac Pro is said to deliver best-in-class workstation graphics to enhance workflows for today’s professionals and creators—from photographers and video editors to 3D animators and engineers—by using the latest in graphics technology to fuel modern creative efforts from anywhere inspiration strikes.

Some of the key advancements in Radone technology include greater memory with  16GB of High Bandwidth Memory, Apple claims the iMac Pro's performance is up to two times faster than any previous iMac GPU and up to three times faster than the Mac Pro GPU. This also translates to higher frame rates for VR, real-time 3D rendering and gameplay at max settings.

The updated GPU processing units allow operations to be performed twice as fast, which is up to 22 teraflops.

The Apple iMac Pro is already sold in Malaysia with a starting price of US$5,147 (RM20,999)

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