Netmarble’s Lineage2 Revolution to Pre-Announce Its First Castle Siege

  • New event to come in future that will pit legions of players against one another
  • Alliances will be forged as players clash for the reward of ultra-rare items
  • Netmarble’s Lineage2 Revolution to Pre-Announce Its First Castle Siege

NETMARBLE Games Corp, the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, announced yesterday that its mobile MMORPG Lineage2 Revolution will hold its first castle siege in the near future and run events ahead of the arrival of the most anticipated contents to the game.

The castle siege is a massive combat over a castle among four clans, including one defender clan and three attacker clans. The clan, who first carve the holy imprint, will become the lord of the castle, and be rewarded with substantial benefits, such as global buff, local buff, conquer shop, tax collection, and compensation for participation.

The castle siege is expected to reinforce players’ MMORPG experience through forming alliances and feuds among clans, while strategically installing geographical structures. Netmarble will help the players get accustomed to the castle siege by running pre-season for the first two weeks.

Lineage2 Revolution will also conduct various events having the players gear up for colossal clashes among the clans. From December 8th to 15th, its sign-in event will present popular items twice a day, such as three Grade SR Exclusive Equipment Selection Box, a Grade R Rare Exclusive Equipment Selection Box (Blue/Red), five Maphr’s Protection, and nine Unconfirmed Recipe.

Meanwhile, Netmarble will allow the players to create or upgrade their Grade UR equipment by giving 30% discount or a free draw on 10 Material Boxes for UR Crafting (+1 Bonus) in every 24 hours. The company will also reduce soul crystal removal cost by 50%.

Besides, the players will be rewarded items, such as Unconfirmed Rare Weapon Recipe or Unconfirmed Rare Armor Recipe, as many times they combine or salvage equipment between December 8th and 21st. 

A mobile MMORPG boasting outstanding technical achievement and massive popularity worldwide, Lineage2 Revolution was named Best Games of 2017 by Google Play in five Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, last week.

For more information on Lineage2 Revolution, visit the game’s official website and Facebook page.

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