More zombie slaying action in latest Dead Rising game

  • Latest Dead Rising game brings all previous DLC from other versions of the game into the PS4 release
  • Take a power trip destroying zombies with all the late game and extra content from the very beginning


More zombie slaying action in latest Dead Rising game

Santa Claus is riding to town


PLAYSTATION 4 fans missing out on destroying zombies in every conceivable way are in for a treat as Capcom will be releasing Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package this holiday season.

Collecting all the Downloadable Content (DLC) from the Xbox One and Steam version of the game, Dead Rising 4 takes place 16 years after the incident that sparked the Dead Rising franchise, players will be stepping back into the shoes of photojournalist Frank West in his search for the truth.

If you hold no inhibitions of going power crazy from the very start of the game with access to all the endgame content then this version of Dead Rising 4 is for you. Sure it is incredibly unbalanced and absolutely unfair for the undead, but this PlayStation 4 release is the perfect stress buster if you have had a long hard day at the office.

Giving Frank a big boost in his arsenal is the “Exo Suit” that turns Frank into a walking tank that can literally barrel through crowds of zombies without blinking an eye.

There are also other expansions in the game like the Frank Rising story expansion that sees Frank racing against the clock to find a cure from his zombie infection and turns into a full-fledged zombie.

Keeping to the holiday spirit and theme, Frank’s Big Package also throws in the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack that lets players dispatch elves zombies dressed as Santa Claus and all manner of deadly instruments of death.

Calling back to Capcom’s rich history of characters, the Street Fighter Outfit Pack grants Frank access to a whole wardrobe of favourite characters like Zangief, T. Hawk, Guille, M. Bison and many others to lay the smackdown with.

But that is not all as a brand new mode Capcom Heroes is included with the game allowing Frank to take on the persona of many classic Capcom characters including Megaman and Street Fighter’s Cammy.

Wait for silly, violent and insane zombie slaying action coming to the PlayStation 4 on Dec 5, 2017.


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