Microsoft listens to gamers – a little bit

  • Windows 10 update removes some limitations
  • Gamers can set their own monitor refresh rate
Microsoft listens to gamers – a little bit

IT has been some time coming. Finally, it looks like Microsoft is responding to the complaints of gamers regarding the limitations of Windows 10.
Even before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had been pushing developers to build applications for the Windows Store and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Since the launch of the new operating system, it has faced criticism from both gamers and game developers for the restrictions they impose.
One of these restrictions is that UWP games are not able to disable v-sync. They also cannot use either Nvidia's G-sync or AMD's Freesync technologies.
Microsoft is planning an update to Windows 10 that will remove this constraint. UWP games will soon have the ability to update at any refresh rate.
V-sync can reduce the presence of certain visual artefacts like screen tearing. But it also limits the frame rate that applications can run at. G-sync from Nvidia and Freesync from AMD are two technologies that allow monitors to vary their refresh rates dynamically so that the monitor can keep pace with the game's frame rate.
Very soon, those who want the highest possible frame rates will be able to disable v-sync. This is one small step by Microsoft to appease gamers. Hopefully, there will be many more to come.
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