LG’s new smart devices strengthen its IoT game

  • LG breaks out its smart refrigerators and washing machines
  • Remote control and monitoring to greatly benefit users and bring about greater cost savings


LG’s new smart devices strengthen its IoT game


SMART homes are often talked about in technology circles but it is a concept that is often assumed to be very far in the future. That may not be so as LG has launched some new home appliances in the Malaysian market that it hopes will jump-start its Internet of Things (IoT) ambitions.

LG’s new smart devices strengthen its IoT gameRunning on its smart home technology called Smart ThinQ, LG has introduced two products:  the LG TWINwash washing machine and LG InstaView refrigerator that leverage this technology to provide greater convenience to consumers.

Using the Smart ThinQ on a smartphone, users would be able to remotely set their washing machine to do their laundry at a specific time so that they would be able to come home to a freshly washed load.

Using the smart application, users also have greater control on the types of wash options, such as baby wear, denim, swimwear and many others that the washing machine can perform.

In the case of refrigerators, LG said Smart ThinQ would help users monitor the temperature level of the fridge as well as set the appropriate temperature for the various compartments.

Aside from monitoring and controlling, the other benefit brought on by smart home appliances using LG’s Smart ThinQ app is a feature called Smart Diagnosis. As the name implies, it is a diagnostic feature that can alert users if the system detects any breakdown in their appliance.

In this way, the appliance gives the user an error code to denote the problem so it is identified before the technician comes over to fix it.

Aiming high for IoT

Malaysia is now the latest market in which LG is launching its new smart home-ready devices and LG is planning to launch even more smart devices next year, expanding its lineup to include smart air conditioners and air purifiers.

LG Electronics Malaysia’s head of product department for home appliances and air conditioner Bon Jae Koo explains that LG has been focusing its efforts on improving life for its customers by launching new smart devices that are able to connect to the Internet.

“Globally we are focused on developing home network solutions that can be implemented on our product lineup that includes refrigerators, washing machines, air purifiers and more,” he said.

Koo explains that LG has been in the business of making devices for a long time and points towards his native South Korea where IoT is already adopted in the commercial segment. This includes smart mirrors within clothing stores that help you decide which item of clothing to buy by simulating what they look like on the person standing in front of it.

“We are of the view that smart products that help optimise the temperature in the room, improve the wash cycle for clothes will result in better power consumption hence bringing greater cost savings to our customers.


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