Illegear introduces its Troika gaming desktop

  • Troika has a three part modular design that houses GPU, System and Storage components
  • Can be outfitted with choice of Intel Kabylake or AMD Ryzen processors


Illegear introduces its Troika gaming desktop


MALAYSIAN custom PC maker Illegear has long been known for making custom gaming laptops but that has now changed as the company took its first steps into the realm of desktop gaming machines with its newly announced Troika.

The Troika strikes an imposing aesthetic, looking more like some sort of alien device rather than your typical gaming desktop. It features a triangular body with three individual cabins that separate the major heat generating components in the system individually the company said in a press release.


Illegear introduces its Troika gaming desktop


The construction certainly sounds impressive as the Troika has a 2mm thick aluminium body that is sandblasted with paint to reduce the weight and this is said to improve the cooling of the system.

Illegear explains that the tri-cabin design allows them to separate major components into three areas with a GPU zone, System zone and Storage zone.

Sitting at the very top of the formation is the GPU Zone. As its name suggests, it houses the gaming PC’s graphics card but it also has a secondary function as it can also support up to three 2.5 drives (either regular hard disks or solid state drives) to maximise the storage expandability even further.

The System zone houses the mini-ITX motherboard that Illegear says can be customised to accept either Intel or AMD systems with up to 32GB of RAM. With this flexibility, the Troika is able to support the latest Intel Kabylake processors and also AMD’s Ryzen processors in the near future.

With the Storage Zone, the Troika can support two full sized 3.5-inch hard drives as well as one slot of Solid State Drives.

Illegear said the Troika is already available for order on its website with a starting price of US$1,363 (RM5,999).


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