Here come the Olympics (and Olympic-themed attacks)

  • Olympic-themed cyberattacks are global in their appeal and effectiveness
  • Four things you can do to keep yourself safe this Olympic season
Here come the Olympics (and Olympic-themed attacks)

THE Olympics are right around the corner, and the world will turn its attention to Rio de Janeiro for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad better known as the Summer Olympics in Rio.
Unfortunately, the cybercriminals know this and are getting ready as well, cybersecurity firm Trend Micro Inc has warned.
Global sporting events like the Olympics are a favourite for cybercriminals, the company said in a statement.
If you’re a cybercriminal looking for something you can use in spam, phishing or malicious social media campaigns, you can’t get much better than the Olympics. The Olympics are truly global in their appeal and so Olympic-themed cyberattacks are just as global in their appeal and effectiveness, it added.
Think of it from the cybercriminal’s point of view: Super Bowl-themed attacks work in the United States, but nowhere else. World Cup-themed attacks work everywhere but the United States.
But Olympic-themed cyberattacks work everywhere around the world, even in Antarctica where people are sure to be watching.
The good news is that cybercriminals are very predictable in their attacks using the Olympics as a lure, Trend Micro said.
The bad news is that they’re predictable because the same attacks work year after year. Like sharks, cybercriminals’ Olympic-themed attacks don’t evolve – they don’t need to.
Still, there’s no reason for you to fall victim to these attacks. Here are four things you can do to keep yourself safe this Olympic season:

  • Be aware that Olympic themes can be a magnet for cybercriminals and use extra caution with Olympic-themed emails, websites and social media postings. If you’re not sure if it’s legitimate or it’s too good to be true, don’t open it, click on it or interact with it.
  • Keep your system up-to-date for all security updates for the operating system and all the programs you run on it (and if you’re still running Windows XP, treat yourself to a new, better computer to enjoy the Olympics on).
  • Run a modern security package, which are more than just antivirus – they provide multiple layers of security, especially for email, malicious websites and social media.
  • Enjoy yourself. It’s easy to forget that the whole point of security is to enable you to enjoy yourself. Armed with steps 1-3, you should let yourself actually enjoy rooting for your favourite country in your favourite sports!

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