EXA Global opens first VR experience outpost

  • New EXA Outpost to be first centre that allows a team of four to experience VR together
  • Wireless free roaming experience thanks to innovative VR gear


EXA Global opens first VR experience outpost


EXA Global, a division of Malaysian digital entertainment and technology company, Havson Group recently opened its new EXA Outpost virtual reality (VR) family entertainment centre (FEC) in SetiaWalk, Puchong.

The new EXA Outpost is touted as Southeast Asia’s first fully immersive virtual reality experience where a group of four people can experience the same VR adventure in a single room.

EXA global chief executive officer Richard Lee said engagement is the core of every project being designed by the team - to get their players involved in the technology, to be a part of the story, and experience the game together as a team.

“EXA Outpost is all about exploration; we invite friends and family to explore, to engage, to defend and return home with an experience where they can share with one another. The moment they book their tickets, we want them to experience the story together as a team,” said Lee.

“Getting the right module, enhancing the formula, experience and content are key components when creating and building an immersive advanced technology to have people sharing their VR experience with others. Being that part of the story for our players is important to us, as we know experience is something very valuable we at EXA Global can offer.”


EXA Global opens first VR experience outpost


The specially crafted VR experience leverages on in-house developed content by EXA Global, places players in a science-fiction (sci-fi) shooting game where visitors take on the role of space troopers geared up in EXA Gear - a player-wearable technology consisting of a VR headset that connected to a backpack and guns.

EXA Global stated that players would be able to immerse themselves in a free roaming movie-like experience reminiscent of sci-fi movies like Starship Troopers.They would need to explore, engage and work together as a team to achieve their mission objective of defeating vicious alien creatures.

Lee went on to add that there are more enhancements and developments to be made to allow their players visiting EXA Outpost have the full immersive experience in letting them feel what EXA Global wants them to feel.

Through the VR experience, EXA Global hopes to foster better communication and team building activities to bring people together as they immerse themselves in a game that encourages them to achieve a goal together.

“At EXA Outpost, the ‘wow’ factor is something we want to evoke in people, as the stories we tell and the experience we give, is what each and every person will be bringing home and return for more, as such experience is always crucial in every project we do,” said Lee.


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