Cheaper roaming service for Malaysia, with new Flexiroam solution

Monthly subscription required
Available in over 100 countries

Cheaper roaming service for Malaysia, with new Flexiroam solution

AN international data roaming solution, Flexiroam X, is now available in Malaysia. The company behind it claims that it will redefine the way Malaysian travellers access mobile data overseas.
Flexiroam X is powered by a proprietary microchip-embedded film that’s thinner than an A4 paper. Applied to a user’s existing SIM card just once, Flexiroam X opens up a whole new way to access data abroad.
Flexiroam X is the latest “travel hack” available to travellers who are seeking a seamless and affordable way to stay connected online in over 100 countries across the globe.
With Flexiroam X, users will have the ability to build up a sizeable data allowance (up to 100GB) for their next overseas holiday by interacting with the app or participating in regular data giveaways or events. Users are also able to refer Flexiroam X to their friends to collectively unlock free data.
To access the data that they have unlocked, users will require an active subscription to Flexiroam X, priced at US$9.99 which is valid for 12 months upon activation.
There is also a launch promotion for early adopters who will receive 500MB of free data upon downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. With an active subscription, users will be able to switch between their regular network and the Flexiroam X network which has 3G coverage in over 100 countries. 4G coverage is also available in certain countries.
The Flexiroam X global roaming network is powered by access to leading overseas telecommunications providers. “Flexiroam X represents a disruptive change to how Malaysians access data while overseas, encouraging intrepid travellers to stay connected and share their adventures with friends and family without breaking the bank”, says Flexiroam CEO Jef Ong.
For users that require immediate access to data, the Flexiroam X app allows users to purchase 1GB Xtra Data Packs for USD $29.99.
The impetus for Flexiroam X was spurred by research from Deutsche Telekom that found 60% of consumers turn off global data roaming when overseas for fear of racking up exorbitant phone bills. These consumers instead opt to purchase local pre-paid SIMs or seek out free WiFi in cafes and hotels.
“Flexiroam X is poised to become as essential as packing a toothbrush for Malaysian tourists heading overseas who do not want to compromise or downgrade their digital lifestyles,” adds Ong.
Flexiroam X is optimistic about winning over the potential 15.2 million Malaysians who take overseas trips by 2020.
Flexiroam X users can earn free data by referring their friends to the service via a referral code. When a friend uses the referral code to download the Flexiroam X app and register an account, the users will instantly receive a bonus 100MB of data upon signup. If a friend successfully signs up for a 12 month subscription, the referrer will get an additional 100MB data added to their account.
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