AMD refreshes its GPU lineup with RX 500 series

  • RX 500 series to appeal to broader market from high end 4K gaming and VR to eSports gamers
  • Base model RX 550 is for users who want better performance than integrated graphics can offer


AMD refreshes its GPU lineup with RX 500 series


THIS year may be the year to finally upgrade your aging gaming PC and bring it to the modern age of gaming according to AMD as the company launches its new Radeon RX500 series of graphics.

All the new Radeon RX 500-series GPUs are built using AMD’s third-generation 14nm process and will feature AMD’s mid-range Polaris GPU architecture that was debuted in last year’s Radeon RX400 series.

The company said that the new RX 500-series cards are more power efficient when left idle allowing users to watch videos and use multi-monitor setups.

The line-up comprises of four GPUs with the top of the range Radeon RX 580 able to deliver a 1,256Mhz base and 1,366Mhz boost clock that AMD claims will deliver a blazing 90 frames per second (fps) for playing the latest Virtual Reality (VR) titles.

Around the mid-tier there is RX 570 which has a 1,168Mhz base and 1,244 boost clock that AMD says offers maximum 1080p gaming.

Further down the line is the Radeon RX 560 that features a 1,175Mhz base and 1,275Mhz boost speeds and is essentially said to offer an efficient gaming experience that suits eSports gamers.

Finally there is the entry-level RX 550 that is designed to appeal to the mainstream market and offer better performance than that offered by integrated graphics. AMD says that the RX 550 has five times more performance than similar integrated graphics processors.


AMD refreshes its GPU lineup with RX 500 series


It also provides a jumping on point for movie buffs who want a machine powerful enough to drive 4K resolution and HDR-ready content.

Added enhancements to the card include AMD’s Radeon Chill that reduces power consumption of the GPU and optimises its output to run at a cooler temperature while improving responsiveness.

There is also Radeon Relive, a feature that enables streamers to maintain a smooth gaming experience even as they are live streaming without any dropped frames.

No localised pricing of the new Radeon RX 500-series cards were available at press time but US prices indicate that the RX 580, 570, 560 and 550 will be priced at US$229, US$169, US$99 and US$79 respectively.


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