Mobme Asia launched SwypeOn in Malaysia

  • SwypeOn is only available in Malaysia and is currently on Android OS devices only
  • SwypeOn is integrated with a built-in wallet known as Keys


Mobme Asia launched SwypeOn in Malaysia


MOBME Asia officially launched its latest innovation, SwypeOn, a lock screen takeover mobile application that rewards users with cash and prizes for content and ad engagement.

Simultaneously, the company also released its newly-developed cognitive sound recognition technology Pulse, which powers SwypeOn.

Mobme Asia CEO and co-founder Felix Chu along with MBO Cinemas marketing and sales director Cheah Chun Wai introduced SwypeOn at MBO Cinemas at Starling Mall, Damansara Utama.

SwypeOn is a lock screen application enabled by the Pulse smart audio recognition technology.

Through Pulse, SwypeOn will be able to recognise every individual user’s preference, likes, dislikes and viewing habits and their environment to inject news stories, promotions, deals and advertising messages right onto their smartphones without disrupting usage.

“The whole idea of SwypeOn is to win the contest for consumer attention,” said Chu, “by rewarding people for their valuable attention.”

Rather than aimless firing of messaging, SwypeOn’s filter and categorical filing system puts the power of engagement back into the hands of users.

Whether or not users choose to engage with the messaging, they still get rewarded in cash value and participation in the app’s monthly lucky draw.

“Our tagline reflects that we are the 21st Century Billboard. Our dream is to be the largest billboard company that does not own a single physical billboard,” shared Chu.

How SwypeOn Works:

  1. Download SwypeOn on any Android device via Google’s Play Store
  2. Sign up for a SwypeOn account
  3. Select your categories of interest
  4. Content pulses through the lock screen based on set frequency
  5. To engage and unlock, swipe left
  6. To disengage, archive and unlock, swipe right
  7. Collect Keys points for every swipe
  8. Redeem Keys points for cash rewards


SwypeOn is integrated with a built-in wallet known as Keys. Whether a user swipes left or right, Keys points will still accumulate, though the value will vary based on activities and SwypeOn campaigns.

Cash rewards can only be redeemed after a minimum of RM100 is accumulated in each month.

To further reward users for interacting with SwypeOn, subscribers are automatically entered into a monthly draw of prizes, rebates and promotions, with value of up to RM5,000.

Pulse technology

Mobme Asia developed the proprietary cognitive sound recognition technology Pulse, implemented in SwypeOn, to add value to the expensive advertising campaigns run on traditional media.

Pulse is able to detect the audio surroundings of users – be it a television commercial airing or a song playing in the background of a café – and identify relevant content tailored for the user’s preferences.

While the power of engagement is left in the hands of users, advertisers will now have the option to extend their engagement beyond 30 seconds, either with a call-to-action special promotion or announcement.

“This platform gives the client access to better data on their audience and how they are consuming their respective media,” explained Chu.

As one of SwypeOn’s marketing partners, MBO Cinemas will be running a campaign via the mobile application for free popcorn and drinks for selected SwypeOn users, redeemable at any MBO Cinema.

SwypeOn user-specific content will also be circulated from the media house Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT), among others.

SwypeOn is only available in Malaysia and is currently on Android OS devices only.


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