Malaysia to get super-speed 100G Ethernet

  • Transmode extends Fiberail's network capabilities with 100G-ready network
  • Provides multiple high-capacity communications to Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers

Malaysia to get super-speed 100G EthernetSTOCKHOLM-headquartered packet optical networking solutions supplier Transmode and its local partner Nera Networks gave announced that Fiberail, a regional ‘carrier's carrier,’ has upgraded its backbone network to a packet-optical 100G-ready network for the provision of high-capacity links across Malaysia.
Fiberail's new 100G optical network is an international network that provides multiple high-capacity communications to Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers in Malaysia, the Swedish company said in a statement.
The Transmode solution increases Fiberail's capacity and service offerings substantially, especially in the northern half of Malaysia, it added.
“We are delighted to be working with Nera Networks to announce that Fiberail, as a long-standing customer, continues to invest in its network and has upgraded its network with Transmode's latest 100G packet-optical technology,” said Mark Stevens, Transmode’s vice president for Asia Pacific.
Fiberail, incorporated in 1992, is a joint-venture company between Telekom Malaysia Bhd, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTM) and Petrofibre Network Malaysia, licensed under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 as a Network Service Provider (NSP) and Network Facilities Provider (NFP), primarily in the telecommunications industry.

As a ‘carrier's carrier,’ it provides backbone infrastructure and ancillary services to telecommunications providers; and has also expanded its customer base to include managed network service providers and global operators.
100G or Gigabit Ethernet is the fastest version of the Ethernet networking protocol, as ratified by the Ethernet Alliance.

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Meanwhile, at the heart of the solution deployed by Fiberail is Transmode’s recently-announced, EMXP 220 IIe, a packet-optical transport switch, which provides both 10G and 100G ports, and a central 220G switch giving wire-speed switching.
For Fiberail the EMXP 220 provides 10G networking today and a future 100G upgrade via the simple addition of 100G pluggable optics, Transmode said.
The Malaysia company needed to expand capacity on its fibre network and cost-effectively increase the flexibility of service provision to its customers, it said.
The new 100G-ready network gives Fiberail not only the flexibility and scalability required to provide multiple high-speed services, it also delivers the robustness and redundancy needed to manage and protect these services, it claimed.
With this network, Fiberail is able to serve a broad range of customers effectively and efficiently now, and in the future, Transmode declared.
The new network was provided by Transmode to Fiberail through local partner Nera Networks, a regional systems integrator, which services clients such as Malaysia's banks, utility companies and telecom service providers.
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