The secret sex searches of Malaysians ... and others

  • Homegrown content proves most popular in Malaysia
  • Malaysia itself 19th most popular country on the site
The secret sex searches of Malaysians ... and others

IT has been said that the oil that lubricates the Internet is porn. Whether your taste rages from the sublime to the ridiculous, there is literally a 'niche' for you. It used to be that with almost every click, you'd have a popup of … you get the idea.
To get a hold of what kind of thing turns people on worldwide, the wittily-named search engine PornMD (not real doctors -- it should be noted) has released the most popular search terms by region and country, to the delight of teenagers and frustrated basement dwellers everywhere.
“Ever wonder which states or countries are into what when it comes to what goes on behind closed doors? … We take a closer look at the sexual interests of people around the planet,” states the website by way of introduction.
Apparently, when it comes to "sexual interests", Malaysians preferred home-grown (likely self-shot) content with 50% of the top 10 searches related to the keywords "Malay" or "Malaysia" (see image above for full list).
The second most popular category for Malaysians was content from further East, where the rising sun meets young ladies who have no understanding of the term "brazilian" (don't Google that).
According to Kate Miller, director of communications and marketing for Manwin, the adult entertainment company that owns PornMD, Malaysia is the 19th most popular country on the site.
“We received about 4.9 million searches from the country over the last six months, which is about 22,000 searches a day,” she said.
Down south in Singapore, searches for local content, straight or otherwise, was popular, with the terms “Singapore” and “Singapore (gay)" taking first and fifth place in the top 10 list respectively. It also appears the city-state has a penchant for voyeurism with search term “caught masturbating” taking eighth place in the rankings.
Interestingly enough, the number one search term for China was “Japanese.”
Some of the more colourful search terms across the Asia Pacific region include “s**t orgy” and “big legs (gay)” which ranked fourth and fifth respectively in Lebanon’s list while “sleeping girl” was first.
The search for “Indian Aunty” ranked third on India’s list, while in Cambodia, in a nod to the growing popularity of Korean popular culture, the search for “Korean sex (gay)” came in first.
Those from Kazakhstan were actively searching for “Russian (gay)” and “squirt machine.” In Syria, the top three searches were for “aunt”, “arab teen” and “creamy squirt” while in Palestine, the top search was for “family”.
The PornMD Global Internet Porn Habits study was based on search traffic data pulled from the website between August 2012 and January 2013. In total there were 270 million searches over the six-month period, with the site receiving an average of 1.5 million daily searches.
The website was established in April 2011 as an adult video search engine. According to Miller, it quickly gained in popularity to the accuracy of its results, the innovative search filtering it offers and the large database of porn video indexed. Today, PornMD claims to be the largest pornography search engine in the world, based on industry data from ComScore and Alexa.
To check out results from around the world, click here.

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