Week in Review: More moolah for SEA startups, and Digerati50 2.0 is up!

  • Golden Gate Ventures’ US$60m fund shows strong investor appetite for risk
  • Angel investor Douglas Khoo made his money in China, but won’t go there again

Week in Review: More moolah for SEA startups, and Digerati50 2.0 is up!WHILE Digital News Asia (DNA) covers the entire tech ecosystem in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, it is obvious that startup-related news generates the most interest and buzz.
That interest and buzz just got dialled up a few notches with the news that Golden Gate Ventures, a Singapore-headquartered Silicon Valley venture fund, has raised US$60 million for its latest early-stage startup fund.
The fact that the fund was oversubscribed by US$10 million, at a time of a slowdown in economic activity, shows that investors are still eager to make future bets on startups disrupting traditional industries or leveraging on mobile to create new value.
Mobile is a huge theme for Golden Gate Ventures founding partner Vinnie Lauria, who feels that the platform is so “fundamentally important” in South-East Asia that “to ignore it is to put a hard ceiling on potential growth.”
With accelerating smartphone usage, it would be a mistake to ignore the importance of mobile, he says.
You can check out the article for more, but Vinnie’s observation that Vietnam was being under-rated by investors struck me.
His rationale for this: “I think it’s just more complicated to do business in Vietnam – from sourcing deals to working within the legal and financial regulations, to even navigating the country itself.”
The point just highlights how important it is for governments to ensure their policies and regulations are as transparent and as free of red tape as they can make them.
Speaking of being transparent, I think you will greatly enjoy our conversation with Douglas Khoo, who arguably has had the largest exit of any South-East Asian in China. In 2011, Baidu bought his travel startup Qunar.com for US$306 million (RM1.25 billion). Khoo was one of three founders.
A much sought after angel investor now, the Malaysian has currently invested in eight startups, including a remote-controlled vibrator company (we unfortunately did not get his rationale for making this investment).
Khoo is also giving back to Malaysia, and Penang specifically, through The Coding Shophouse that he cofounded which offers hands-on coding classes.
Interestingly, while he made a tidy exit for himself in China, he says he would not launch another startup there as he feels, even with his track record, it would be 10 times harder!
One reason for this is the large number of returning Chinese armed with Ivy League education, experience and knowhow built from their exposure and experience in the United States and the Silicon Valley.
The other reason is that competition is just that much greater today. “It is a lot more competitive these days because anyone who has an idea can be an entrepreneur – whether they become successful or not is a separate question,” he says.
That may be true, but with the likes of seasoned veterans like Khoo out there willing to share their experience, and with yet more money available thanks to Golden Gate Ventures, I suspect many entrepreneurs will fancy their chances of creating a strong team and product around their big idea. So, good luck with yours!
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Week in Review: More moolah for SEA startups, and Digerati50 2.0 is up!

Have a restful weekend and a productive week after.
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