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Hedging its bets, VMware embraces brave new IT world: Page 3 of 3Still the conviction that now is the time to exploit the power of its vCloud Air service rung through VMworld 2014, a notion that was firmly articulated by Sanjay Mirchandani (pic), senior vice president and general manager for VMware Asia Pacific Japan.
“The time is right for us [to introduce vCloud Air],” he told reporters at VMworld’s South-East Asia media roundtable.
Sanjay noted that it is a natural time for VMware to push out such services as the company has one of the largest hybrid cloud deployments in Asia via a network of about 500 partners operating about 40 data centres in nine countries in Asia Pacific.

The three largest VMware vCloud Air deployments are in Japan, China and Australia. First announced at VMworld 2013, Australia has since missed its deployment timetable but is on the cards “sometime this year,” according to Sanjay.
Asked about South-East Asia and whether VMware plans to establish vCloud Air services in the region, Sanjay was coy, saying that “he was not making any commitments on this.”
“The markets [in South-East Asia] are very important but I’m not making any commitments.” Pressed further, he merely added, “Our partners here [in the region] are very happy to supply our hybrid cloud services.”
Quizzed on whether enterprises in the region, especially Malaysia, were holding back on implementing the kind of SDDC vision that VMware espouses, Sanjay disagreed, instead attributing it to a “question of timing.”
“I don't [necessarily think] they are holding back. SDDC is well understood in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. These companies are well virtualised.
“I believe it’s more a point of where are they in the refresh lifecycle, when it’s time for them to look into new technologies and this is related to timing,” he said.
End-user computing
Besides vCloud Air and new hardware-bundled offerings announcements at VMworld 2014, the company also focused on its end-user computing segments with the introduction of VMware Workspace Suite.
The product is an integrated platform that combines AirWatch mobile and content management with VMware Horizon, which the company claimed would provide IT with a more comprehensive platform and give end-users a unified experience.
“VMware Workspace Suite represents the culmination of a great deal of hard work that has gone into a product we see as a major step toward our goal of providing end-users with simple and seamless access to all of their applications and information from any device,” Erik Frieberg, VMware End-User Computing product marketing vice president said in a company blog.
Workspace Suite combines several products including VMware’s Horizon 6, AirWatch Mobility Management Suite, AirWatch Secure Content Locker and VMware Workspace Services.
Hedging its bets, VMware embraces brave new IT world: Page 3 of 3David Johnson (pic), senior analyst at Forrester Research, said that it’s clear that VMware is building out a digital delivery workspace portfolio.
“A digital delivery workspace system is in all the ways an organisation may want to deliver a Windows desktop and or application experience across a wide range of users, work styles, devices and locations.
“This requires different technologies to do it, as one size does not fit all,” he explained. "VMware is evolving its portfolio so that it can do this.”
Johnson, who spoke to DNA on the sidelines of VMworld, said that reducing infrastructure costs, while improving manageability and making investments in improving the end-user experience with workspace technologies, means that VMware is doing the right things.
“I think VMware is in a very good position to drop infra cost for virtual desktops and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS)-type infrastructure,” he said.

“But Microsoft remains a threat, especially if the company formally releases an Azure-based DaaS offering as it is more cost-effective,” he added.

Edwin Yapp reports from VMworld 2014 in San Francisco at the invitation of VMware. All editorials are independent.
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