AIMS rolls out cloud-based caching service

  • Malaysian ISPs can reduce up to 50% on international bandwidth costs, AIMS claims
  • Popular content to be stored locally on AIMS’ server to cut down overseas dependency

CARRIER-neutral data center the AIMS Group has expanded of its Managed Services portfolio, which currently includes different levels of IT infrastructure and application hosting, with a cloud-model based service known as ‘Caching by AIMS’.
The new managed service would capitalize on the current surge of Internet traffic and demand, primarily from online media usage, in Malaysia, the company said in a statement.
AIMS rolls out cloud-based caching service“Currently we expect Malaysian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to collectively spend about RM60 million in international bandwidth cost for the whole of 2012, but with the introduction of Caching by AIMS, this cost can be reduced by up to 50%,” claimed Henry Chuah (pic), vice president of New Business at AIMS.
“AIMS’ ISP customers are seeing more demand for faster connectivity, driven by the market’s increasingly ferocious appetite for more real-time news and updates, online gaming, retail applications and streaming videos – from both fixed and mobile customer end-points,” he added.
Chuah said that while this is a great opportunity for ISPs to monetize these demands, they are also facing significant technical and economic challenges related to the increasing streaming by their broadband subscribers.
ISPs are experiencing cuts into their profits in order to add on broadband resources to meet the quality demand of new media, the company said.
However with this new AIMS managed service, they can resolve the issue by remaining cost-effective while at the same time delivering faster, providing more reliable access to video, music and social and news sites links to their subscribers, it claimed.
‘Caching by AIMS’ works is by collating the number of content downloads – whether media files, YouTube videos, torrents or movies – from the Internet. Once the downloads reach a set number of hits, indicating its popularity, a copy of the mentioned data items are captured and stored at AIMS’ facility.
“Therefore, for future requests for the same content, the ISP can deliver very efficient service so that the end-users can experience even faster download as the content source is now ‘virtually’ closer to them as it is being cached at the AIMS’ data centers located across the country, rather than on servers located overseas,” said Chuah, adding that the subscription to ‘Caching by AIMS’ will allow local ISPs to provide smooth, delay-free streaming to their subscribers.
Another added advantage is that AIMS’ cache servers do regular checks on the cached contents, and those no longer needed are automatically deleted from the user’s servers – this is part of AIMS automatic management process of the servers.
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