Startup School Asia launches School Break TechSurf

  • Runs from March 19 to 23; aimed at young people aged eight to 17
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is a crucial skill for children of today


Startup School Asia launches School Break TechSurf


WANT to know how you can build a robot, website or an app in two days? Join Startup School Asia’s (SSA) School Break TechSurf programme from March 19-23, 2018. The programme is aimed at young people aged eight to 17.

TechSurf programmes are intensive, fun and exciting two- to three-day experiential learning bootcamps designed to teach young people how to build solutions using technology with an entrepreneurial focus.

It enables anyone to create content for cyber-space, moving from becoming consumers to creators which is where tomorrow's opportunities lie. These programmes aim to inspire students to pursue careers in robotics and other Science, Technology, and Engineering-related fields. It is about young people solving problems for the real world.

SSA believes that young people need exposure to a variety of ideas and situations as well as the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts openly without being afraid to make mistakes and willing learn from them.

The environment should also instil in them a deep sense of ethics and responsibility for the environment and people around them.

  • A team of young coders and app builders developed this programme based on a simple premise:
  • That true learning takes place in an environment where the child is working on a project he or she cares about and can learn from his/her peers and approach it with a sense of play
  • Entrepreneurship is not only about starting a venture but about starting anything, as Tina Seelig of Stanford emphasises
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is a crucial skill for children of today who will be expected to navigate a rapidly changing world.

SSA programmes are all designed around the following two key ideas:

  1. Every problem is an opportunity, the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity
  2. Entrepreneurs do a lot more with a lot less

The TechSurf series of programmes were developed to serve three needs:

  1. To help a child see the world with new eyes and as opportunity rich and come up with interesting projects they care about;
  2. To work on integrating the projects and solutions with the latest technology;
  3. To work collaboratively and in a playful manner compete to win the pitch;

Using the Project:Peer:Play methodology, TechSurf programmes will also impart skills such as collaboration with peers, presentation, team, project and time management in real life situations as they transition from ideation to showcasing their final projects.

The trainers and facilitators will show the participants how to identify an opportunity that can become a small project/venture using the tools, technology and techniques that they will be exposed to during the programme.

All the programmes will be conducted in Menara UOA Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Participants can register at For further information please contact Vani at 0122088749 or email us at [email protected].


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