Inaugural launch of Cloudera Data Science Week 2016 in Asia Pacific

  • Wrangle Conference Asia 2016 to leave the US for the first time; will be held in Kuala Lumpur
  • Event explores multi-faceted transformative technologies powered by Apache Hadoop


Inaugural launch of Cloudera Data Science Week 2016 in Asia Pacific


CLOUDERA, the global provider of data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and open source technologies, on Nov 23 announced the inaugural launch of Cloudera Data Science Week Asia Pacific 2016.

Held across several markets in the Asia Pacific from Dec 3 to 9, 2016, this series of events brings together industry experts and speakers providing insights around public and private sector issues on big data for senior executives.

Despite the growth of businesses utilising big data, more than 65% of organisations are still at initial stages of experimenting with big data usage, according to IDC.

Harnessing data, however, remains a business imperative, and providing real world solutions to such business challenges remains Cloudera’s goal through the establishment of this annual industry event.

Cloudera Asia Pacific senior director Daniel Ng (pic, above) commented: “Cloudera is introducing the first ever Cloudera Data Science Week Asia Pacific. As organisations transition to life beyond big data and look to re-engineer their business by utilizing data, topics such as artificial intelligence come into play. Predicting big data’s future, exploring new opportunities, harvesting, and leveraging big data for innovation is just the start of this journey.”

Cloudera Data Science Week Asia Pacific is set to become an annual industry event, mobilising organisations to gain competitive advantages with more meaningful insights, make quicker and sharper decisions, and discover issues and trends that affect their businesses.

Senior Cloudera executives such as chief technology officer Amr Awadallah, chief marketing officer Mick Hollison and senior vice president of products Charles Zedlewski will host dialogue sessions, workshops, and roundtables on data management, down to how government and public organisations can use analytics to gain a better understanding of enterprise operations, predict outcomes, and guard against unauthorised data access.

All events will culminate in the second edition of Strata + Hadoop World Singapore 2016, the annual big data industry conference co-sponsored by O’Reilly Media starting on Dec 5, 2016, where data scientists, analysts, and business executives address case studies, develop new skills, share emerging best practices, and build the future of big data.

Here are some of the events and conferences which will be held during Cloudera Data Science Week Asia Pacific 2016:

Wrangle Conference Asia 2016

Inaugural launch of Cloudera Data Science Week 2016 in Asia Pacific For the first time, the Wrangle Conference will be held out of the United States, on Dec 9, 2016, at Hilton KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The community-led event, a collaboration between Cloudera, MDEC, and Wrangle will target 150 data scientists from countries across Asia Pacific and Japan to share on data science principles, practices, applications, and solutions.

[Edited for accuracy. An earlier version had the wrong venue for the KL conference.]

MDEC Innovation Capital Division director Dr Karl Ng (pic, right), commented: “Part of Cloudera’s Data Science Week in Asia Pacific, the Wrangle conference in Malaysia is an ecosystem-led effort to integrate the big data community. Bringing together the region’s top data scientists, this conference and week will discuss challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in today’s ever-connected business landscape. All this is part of Malaysia and the region’s greater efforts to foster a data-driven culture across organizations and communities.”

Cloudera Sessions 2016

Cloudera Sessions is a one-day expert forum for customers and partners to learn to employ Hadoop to build a modern architecture and make data analytics pervasive across any organisation. Upcoming sessions will be held in Melbourne and Brisbane on Nov 29, 2016 and De 1, 2016 respectively.

Data Science Weekend in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Dec 3 to 5, 2016)

Data professionals, communities, and students will explore implications of data science, barriers between data-based and creative decision making, and the corresponding business impact through workshops and sessions. Cloudera chief technology officer Amr Awadallah will host this weekend.

Cloudera “technology revolution driving business revolution” government forum, Canberra, Australia (Dec 6, 2016)

The Cloudera Government Forum provides a collaborative opportunity among the public and private sector to discuss big data analytics and share case studies of how data can be used to improve decision-making. The forum gathers government professionals – from the front office to the front line – to implement strategies and optimize processes to manage, share, and analyse data assets efficiently and cost-effectively. The event will also build on big data initiatives and fundamentals, such as Hadoop Essentials, to leverage data for more efficient search, discovery, and related mission-support capabilities.

“Data driven marketing in a Smart Nation” chief marketing officer roundtable, Singapore (Dec 6, 2016)

Chief marketing officers from organisations such as CapitaGroup Finance, StarHub, GovTech, Indosat, and Esplanade will come together to address “Singapore as a data-driven nation,” hosted by Cloudera chief marketing officer Mick Hollison.

Strata + Hadoop World Singapore (Dec 5 to 8, 2016)

Co-sponsored by Cloudera and O’Reilly Media, Strata + Hadoop World Singapore is an annual conference that addresses current issues of big data and new challenges. Keynotes, training sessions, workshops, learning, and development on Spark and Hadoop foundation courses will be discussed at this conference.

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