The impact of Covid-19 on Singapore’s job landscape

  • Increase in healthcare, logistics, social and mental health workers
  • News multifaceted skills needed to adapt to changing landscape

The impact of Covid-19 on Singapore’s job landscape

THE job landscape in Singapore is facing new challenges and new skills sets are needed to address them, according to LinkedIn Corp.

The professional networking social media website noted in its Top 15 Jobs on the Rise (Singapore edition) that the Covid-19 pandemic and the acceleration of digitalisation in the island-state is in part responsible for such shifts.

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LinkedIn noted that the pandemic resulted in a sudden and sustained demand for frontline healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, and general healthcare professionals.

These include healthcare/medical support, medical frontliners, laboratory technicians, social workers and mental health specialist.

“Even before Covid-19, Singapore was already facing the pressure of an ageing population. This, coupled with the rise in medical tourism, saw significant investment in Singapore's healthcare sector, from medical equipment and clinical research to more sophisticated care,” it said in a statement.

“As a whole, those working in the care industry will require a range of skills to succeed, from clinical and medical knowledge, to interpersonal and communication skills,” it added.

Besides this shift in trend, the acceleration of digitalisation and Covid-19 also served to accelerate the use of technology amongst Singaporeans. LinkedIn noted that there was a rise of roles in the logistics, supply chain, social media, digital marketing and online content sectors.

Another significant shift LinkedIn has observed is a rise in demand for online education and coaching.

“Education was one of the most disrupted sectors and had to transition their methods of teaching and content onto digital platforms. This drove a demand for educators with digital skills,” it said.

LinkedIn also noted that the year we saw many workers retrenched and they were looking to repurpose their existing skills sets. As a result, there was an increase demand for coaches who were skilled in communication, career and life advice, indicated by a demand for communications and career coaches.

That having said, traditional roles such as finance, business development and customer service, have maintained their level of demand and even expanded in the number of roles, in some cases.

“Organisations that experienced a greater demand for their products and services have had to expand their business development and sales capabilities.

“Customer service professionals have had to be multifaceted in responding to customer feedback, and proactively working with consumers to understand their changing or evolving needs.”

Top 15 Jobs on the Rise in Singapore



Specific Roles

Skills Required


Healthcare/Medical - Support

Medical Technologist, Pharmacy Technician, Radiology Technician, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Physical Therapist Assistant

Laboratory Skills, Pharmacy, Radiology, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy



Mathematics Tutor, Academic Tutor, Education Professional, Instructional Design Specialist, Academic Administrator

Tutoring, Teaching, Curriculum Development, Instructional Design, Educational Leadership


Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply Chain Assistant, Supply Chain Officer, Supply Chain Executive, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Planning Manager

Warehouse Operations, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management


Healthcare/Medical - Frontline

Medical Officer, Registered Nurse, Nurse

Medicine, Healthcare, Nursing, Basic Life Support (BLS), Patient Safety


Social Media / Digital Marketing

Growth Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Chief Growth Officer, Social Media Strategist, Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing



Tax Officer, Investor Relations Manager, Venture Partner, Private Wealth Management Specialist, Treasurer

Investor Relations, Investments, Banking, Income Tax, Treasury


Specialized Engineering 

Game Developer, Backend Developer, Product Support Engineer, Software Engineering Specialist, Infrastructure Engineer

Go (Programming Language), Software Development, Game Development, Infrastructure, JavaScript


Customer Service

Client Service Associate, Client Service Analyst, Customer Care Officer, Customer Support Specialist

Client Services, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Customer Relationship Management (CRM),


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