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Huawei Mobile Services brings the world even closer in India

  • Connecting app developers to world’s second largest internet population
  • Enhancing digital lives of Huawei and Honor users, delivers superior user experience

HUAWEI AppGallery covers over 170 countries worldwide with 270 million MAU as of 2018.

AS A market that has crossed 500 million internet users, the vast majority accessing the internet through their mobile devices, India is probably the most exciting mobile market in the world. With India predicted to surpass China as the most populous country in the world at some point in the future, its internet user base is expected to soar much higher as well.  

One of the biggest events for the mobile sector in India is, Global Connects India, which brings together developers from all over the world, highlighting opportunities for them to penetrate and expand into industries such as online entertainment, fintech, cross-border e-commerce, gaming, life services and online education.

Delivering the keynote at this major event was Huawei Mobile Services with a presentation that bridged Honor and Huawei smartphone users in India with global digital content providers. Living in an era of global connectivity, Huawei Mobile Services emphasised that it was continually evolving to provide a superior user experience, thereby fulfilling its commitment in bringing the world even closer.

HUAWEI smartphones are growing fast at 35% YoY increment.

Huawei AppGallery at the centre of superior user experience

With global mobile app revenues in 2020, projected to hit US$188.9 billion (RM776.9 billion) via app stores and in-app advertising, clearly the market for app developers is huge. And with app stores being the preferred destination for users to find their favourite apps, the HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei’s official apps distribution platform has quickly become one of the top app stores in the world. It was created to provide a one-stop solution to developers globally, for them to easily touch millions of users when distributing their digital content.

The store recorded 120 billion downloads with 270 million monthly active users in 2018 and, impressively, welcomed 560,000 developers worldwide. With the huge number of users and content on the platform, users can easily find all manner of content to enrich their digital lives.

Going the extra mile to deliver value to its users, HUAWEI AppGallery has a popular gift centre which provides users with a large range of gifts, discounts and VIP privileges.

Huawei also offers its developers the opportunity to preload their apps in all new Honor phones.  Besides that, app developers also can opt for their apps to be featured in OOBE, Top Apps Folder and the AppGallery. These options give them an edge against competitors in the same market, thanks to the massive phone shipments yearly by Huawei. As it has reported, Huawei shipped over 200 million smartphones in 2018, which represents a strong 35% year on year growth.  

Aware that some developers may want to promote their products, Huawei Mobile Services also provides a Cost per Download advertising service to app developers. Developers only get charged when Honor and Huawei users download the advertised apps. According to the data, advertisers can expect 20% users’ conversion rate, which is above industry average. Furthermore, the advertised apps will also be featured in Essential App, Featured Page, Top Search, Search Results and Recommendations in HUAWEI AppGallery.

The focus on both users and app developers reflects Huawei Mobile Services focus and passion to offer a one-stop solution to both users and app developers through its strong and reliable digital content distribution platform. With the increasing stiff competition in the digital market, the HUAWEI AppGallery is an excellent solution to meet app developers end goals.

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Huawei Mobile Services brings the world even closer in India

About Huawei Mobile Services

Huawei Mobile Services is part of Huawei Mobile which aims to provide a complete smartphone ecosystem to Huawei and Honor phone users. Users can enjoy official services such as Mobile Cloud, AppGallery, Video, Themes, ScreenMagazine and etc which comes along with EMUI. 

Huawei Mobile Services covers 500 million users in over 170 countries, serving an ultimate and premium smart living experience to benefit each user. With the advent of the fully connected world, continues to evolve to provide a superior user experience and fulfil its commitment to bring the world closer.

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