GoWork and Rework merge to become Go-Rework

  • Go-Rework expand its footprint seven times across 50 locations in Indonesia by 2018
  • Funded by Convergence Ventures, 500 Startups, and Social Capital


GoWork and Rework merge to become Go-Rework


INDONESIA’S GoWork and Rework announced the completion of a merger to create Go-Rework, the leading premium co-working platform in Indonesia currently with over 3,500 sqm of space operating across five locations in CBD Jakarta.

Go-Rework’s founder-led team brings together industry veterans with decades of experience and expertise in operations, real estate finance and technology.

Co-founders including chief executive officer Vanessa Hendriadi, chief financial officer and chief of real estate Richard Lim, and chief technology officer Donny Tandianus will lead a combined team of more than 20 professionals in expanding the venture’s footprint seven times to over 20,000 sqm across 50 locations in Indonesia by 2018.

Additionally, Go-Rework is advised by entrepreneurs with strong relevant industry backgrounds including the world’s second largest co-working platform Ucommune founder Mao Da Qing and Ismaya Group co-founder Christian Rijanto.

Vanessa tells Digital News Asia (DNA) that the founders met over six months ago and found that they shared a strong vision about the opportunity to build a substantially superior flexible workspace platform for businesses in Indonesia.

“We did not see ourselves as competitors but rather as co-pioneers in disrupting the office real estate industry. Because of this, we started to meet more frequently to share ideas on how to grow the industry, our learnings from building the business and how we can support each other in solving challenges that we faced as entrepreneurs.”

From these discussions and a strong mutual respect for the commitments and co-work products that they had developed; they saw that there could be significant synergies in merging their businesses and creating a stronger combined team which would enable them to scale and grow faster together.

“Also, beyond sharing the same vision for our ventures we saw that we operated our businesses with the same values which drew us to work closer together. All this culminated in the merger of our businesses which we recently announced.”

She also says that Go-Rework is funded by venture capital funds from the region including Convergence Ventures, 500 Startups and Silicon Valley’s Social Capital.

“We are also supported by industry leading businesses such as Ucommune. We have strong partners, such as Ismaya Group which is Indonesia’s largest and fastest-growing consumer and lifestyle business.

“Go-Rework has also taken significant funding from the founders themselves showing our strong belief in the future of this business.”

Go-Rework hubs use modern and open design concepts to create naturally collaborative spaces that encourage learning across members while retaining business privacy.

Go-Rework’s technology is designed to augment members’ experience beyond the physical work space. 

A custom-developed mobile application provides a digital platform for the business community to connect, share and collaborate while simultaneously serving as a business services marketplace.

The mobile application also provides on-demand access to work space bookings, event ticket purchases and billing at the touch of a button.

Go-Rework’s spaces provide a highly compelling platform for forward thinking businesses of all sizes and venture-backed startups seeking strategically located and professionally managed work environments.

Going forward the company will retain both brands GoWork and Rework with the former continuing to focus on premium office towers for SMEs and regional MNCs and the latter creating mall and retail level concepts integrating work and play to cater to more technology-oriented ventures.

With immediate effect, all members of GoWork and Rework will have access to all Go-Rework locations in Thamrin, Setiabudi, Cityloft, and FX Sudirman.  

Bringing quality and building business rapidly

Vanessa says Go-Rework’s mission is to help their members and businesses achieve their best. They do this by putting community at the heart of building this company, by continuously improving and understanding their needs through researched spatial design, integrated technology and empowering content and services offered through their platform.

“Bringing all of this together with a strong focus on quality while building the business rapidly has been a challenge but one which we wake up each day excited about because of the value we bring to our members.”

She believes that the co-working industry is a pie that all players are growing together.

Instead of viewing other co-working spaces as competitors, they see that the growth of existing players and the addition of new players in the co-working sector benefit everyone, as it helps to educate the broader market that co-working is in fact the future of work.

“Just like any business, each player needs to understand the market and constantly innovate to grow. From the real estate point of view, the market for flexible office spaces including co-working presently makes up less than 1% of total office supply in Jakarta. As such, we believe that the co-working industry in Indonesia is still at a very nascent stage.”

She says that the co-working industry in Indonesia has experienced tremendous growth this year from the number of co-working spaces to the size and footprint of existing players.

In the next 12-18 months, Go-Rework will remain focused on delivering a superior flexible workspace platform to enable members and businesses be their best.

“Our target to increase footprint seven times to 20,000 sqm will enable us to provide not only world-class workspaces but also convenience to our members through access to over 20 locations in Indonesia. Going forward, we will also focus on product development to roll out complementary concepts that integrate work, live, and play.”


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