Endless Computers launches Endless OS for PC

  • Provides offline and online accessible features and apps
  • Available for free download and shipped with certain Acer and Asus PCs


Endless Computers launches Endless OS for PC


ENDLESS Computers, the maker of universally accessible computing solutions, launches the Endless OS in Indonesia.

The Endless OS is a computer operating system (OS) offering a complete work and play environment with preloaded applications for browsing, accessing social media, office jobs, games, as well as a collection of articles and references that are instantly accessible even without an internet connection.

Endless has a mission of ensuring that the whole world has access to educational technology tools. Endless Computer chief executive officer and founder Matt Dalio says that Endless OS focuses on offering solutions for two identified tech barriers, which are costs and connectivity especially in Indonesia.

“Endless software is free, and it makes your computer run perfectly on any type of internet connection even when the internet connection is slow, unstable, or where the internet is expensive,” he adds.

The ideal high-speed internet also has its limitations, for example when a certain amount of data usage is enough for a mobile phone but far from adequate for laptops or computers.

Computer users need bigger data packages as desktop browsers are consuming more data and are used to access larger amounts of information, whereas mobile phones are using just enough data to meet the needs of the mobile applications and browser.

Endless OS offers an intuitive interface like a smartphone. It is also resistant to today’s security risks attacking mainstream OSes, and includes an abundant collection of ready-to-use applications.

The preinstalled applications generate highly compatible files that work on any mainstream programmes and OSes in the market, and at the same time are designed to work offline to overcome a growing connectivity problem across Indonesia.

Such tailored user experiences are a result of the company’s continuous commitment to listening to users across over twenty countries who demand software that is as simple as a smartphone, virus-resistant and works well under any internet conditions.

Endless packages their offerings in an easy access App Centre containing hundreds of applications that users can use to fulfil their main purposes of using laptops, which are to study, work, surf the web and stay connected through social media, as well as multimedia and games.

Endless OS also offers collections of offline content that will be useful for users in remote areas or wherever internet is a luxury. It is particularly focused on education so that students everywhere can study, even in places with limited connectivity.

Endless OS users can do research, studying through a range of textbooks and references on animals and history and math, all through an ecosystem of applications focused on education.

Available very soon with the new OS update, Endless OS users will get entertainment applications complete with offline accessible content that are updated every time the device is connected to internet.

“Even though smartphone penetration is high in Indonesia, the number of people using PCs is growing. Therefore, we want to provide and optimise the usage of PCs with or without internet connection,” Dalio explains.

The software is designed with applications as a template, thus, Endless OS devices will triumph in all forms of internet connection states, be it restricted or non-existent. It is also built with OSTree (a Linux-based upgrade system) and Flatpak (Linux desktop engine) technology to protect the system and ease app download on the system

The Endless Computers team took five years to research and develop the OS. The hardware requirements to be able to run the free Linux-based system are PC with Windows XP or newer to download and use Endless Installer for Windows or create bootable USB sticks.

Endless Installer for Windows is available to download for free on Endless OS’ website. Apple products are currently not supported.


Endless Computers launches Endless OS for PC



Endless OS will be shipped in every Acer and Asus previously non-OS lineups with a price range from 3.3 million rupiah (US$246) to 6.1 million rupiah (US$456) for Acer and 3.6 million rupiah (US$269) to 8.5 million rupiah (US$635) for Asus, and is available at all retails stores and modern channels of each brand.

“Endless is working globally together with reputable tech brands such as Acer and Asus to ensure better availability of our products especially for first-time users. With these partners, we are now one step closer to technological equality.

“Our goal is simply to make it so that everyone who wants a computer can have one, and this launch marks the beginning of this endeavour in Indonesia,” Endless chief marketing officer and chief growth officer Beta Antunes stated.

With these partnerships, Dalio hopes that the company will be able to ship more than one million devices across Southeast Asia (SEA) and soon to launch 56 new apps for the software.

“We aim to change the way of access to information and whether our users can or cannot afford the internet, we will still provide educational information,” he concludes.


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