DOC2US launches new home-based healthcare services, DOC2HOME

  • Project to support sustainable community building for SP Setia’s Eco-townships
  • DOC2HOME is a modern-day adaptation of a historical practice in medicine - house calls​

Collaborating with S P Setia for its Eco Series communities, DOC2US is launching a hybrid home service.

DOC2US, Malaysia’s first e-prescriptions and digital health provider, announced yesterday the launch of its new subsidiary, DOC2HOME, a digital health platform that provides personalised home-based healthcare services through technology, catered to residents and homeowners.

DOC2HOME is a hybrid digital health app that attends to patients' healthcare needs directly from their homes without the hassle of travelling. Apart from providing medical services right to the doorstep, its flagship Health Concierge service, are trained to provide triage under the supervision of a medical practitioner, where patients and caregivers can access health advisory from healthcare providers at their fingertips.

DOC2US launches new home-based healthcare services, DOC2HOMEDr Raymond Choy (pic), founder and CEO of DOC2US said, “DOC2HOME is a modern-day adaptation of a historical practice in medicine - house calls, whereby doctors and healthcare providers go to the homes of their patients rather than the other way around.”

Other than home visits, DOC2HOME has an array of virtual health services powered by DOC2US.

“We bring together a diverse team of quality healthcare professionals from doctors, pharmacists, dietitians and nutritionists to nurses, medical assistants, physiotherapists, wellness trainers and ambulance services, to uphold the quality of healthcare and offer affordable healthcare services at the residents’ comfort,“ said Raymond.

The healthcare services are designed to accommodate today’s world, where the population is often on the move, and health is compromised for convenience as it is, at times, troublesome to travel to healthcare facilities for consultation, refilling medication and supplements or other healthcare supplies.

This is more apparent for the elderly, expecting mothers, disabled and bed ridden as they often must rely on their caregivers for support. In the case of patients with chronic illness, straying from medical care and medication could put them at an even higher risk of morbidity from their existing condition.

Through subscriptions, DOC2HOME’s resourceful Health Concierge supports communities in accessing quality health advisory and healthcare providers. Building on the DOC2US telehealth ecosystem, DOC2HOME’s home-based services complete the circle of hybrid care, by providing home care where residents can consult, receive care, and recover through integrated online and offline mediums without the need to even exit their premises.

“Access to reliable healthcare is also a form of security and safety for many people. We aim to collaborate with lifestyle-property developers who want to provide a home, not just a house, to its prospects,” said Choy. “This means incorporating comprehensive and personalised home-based healthcare services directly into the daily lives of the community.”

Collaborating with S P Setia, in line with what they have envisioned for their Eco-townships, Raymond speaks of how “shared value to centralise good health will safeguard the wellbeing of the Eco Series communities and provide residents with a peace of mind.”


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