Data For Life 2016 aims to shed light on BDA potential

  • Businesses already on the data bandwagon, time to spur society to get on board
  • Aims to establish an ecosystem and enlighten Indonesian public on BDA, IoT
Data For Life 2016 aims to shed light on BDA potential

INDONESIAN big data analytics company Mediatrac said it will kick off a series of events called Data For Life 2016 from Aug 27-31 in Jakarta, following the success of a similar programme last year.
The events include the Data for Life conference; a Sci-Fi Hardware Hackathon; the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Symposium; Technology & Business Workshop; and Tech-Art Exhibition, with special sessions for students.
This is the first of Mediatrac’s collaborative efforts with various institutions to establish an ecosystem and enlighten the Indonesian public on big data analytics (BDA) and the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), it said in a statement.
“Advancement and innovations in big data technology have potential beyond business applications, and can help advance humanity in general,” said Mediatrac chief executive officer (CEO) Regi Wahyu.
“This new technology presents an opportunity for the Indonesian people to compete with developed countries, as people around the world are still learning to harness the potential of big data.
“That is why we are moved to invite various stakeholders to enlighten and inspire Indonesian society,” he added.

Data For Life 2016 aims to shed light on BDA potential

Businesses have begun using BDA to maximise revenue, optimise the supply chain, and gain better insights, but the technology can also be used, or has already been used, to improve all aspects of life, Mediatrac said.
For example: A smart city can help governments provide better public services; the healthcare sector can track and manage epidemics; or the technology could even empower artists to create more interactive and interesting works.
These are the things that will be explored through Data For Life 2016, the company said. The series will feature internationally acclaimed speakers from various fields who will share their insights and experiences on how data analytics has revolutionised their fields.
These include such as Marc Goodman (cybersecurity expert and author of Future Crimes); Sangeet Choudary (Platform Thinking Labs CEO and author of Platform Thinking); Sey Min (data visualisation artist); and Julie Freeman (artist & TED Fellow).
Digital News Asia (DNA) is among the media partners.
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