Asia’s millennials see AI as possible gateway to world peace: Telenor

  • 47% believe leaders today should invest in developing a more inclusive education system
  • 38% of Malaysians see their generation as ‘the most innovative and entrepreneurial in history’


Asia’s millennials see AI as possible gateway to world peace: Telenor


TELENOR Group on June 6 released the findings of its regional online survey that assessed the attitudes of Asia’s millennials towards technology and social impact, as well as the support they feel necessary to become future leaders committed to peace.

Organised to support Telenor Youth Forum 2017 recruitment, the online survey engaged 2,500 respondents aged 15 to 30 years in Asian markets where Telenor is present. They include Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Asia’s youth say they’re most passionate for education for all

The multi-market online survey found that Asia’s millennials are most passionate for providing opportunities for children to get an education (37% of survey takers), followed by climate change and global warming (21%).

Other global issues that Asia’s millennials are driven to make change include the stigma surrounding mental health issues (17%), unemployment among youth (17%), and gender inequality (8%).

Resolving many of the same issues is also a year-long mission of Telenor Youth Forum delegates, whose tech-driven proposals were funded for research and prototyping at a pitching session held in Bangkok last month.

Asia’s millennials feel strongly about the role of technology and its impact when relating to the pursuit of their social causes. Close to half of Asia’s millennials (48%) polled believe that enabling equal opportunities and access to education will benefit most from technology advancements. Selected by the second most number of respondents was confronting climate change and global warming (28%).

Artificial intelligence for world peace, why not?

When asked about the technology that has the largest potential to give rise to peace, 32% of the respondents placed their bets on artificial intelligence, followed by the Internet of Things (30%), and virtual reality (28%).

Across all six markets, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and virtual reality rank consistently in the top three – suggesting the vast potential seen in these future technologies by the Internet generation.

The most innovative and entrepreneurial generation of all-time

Another consistent trend across all markets is the youth’s perspectives of their generation. Regionally, 37% of the millennials polled described themselves as ‘the most innovative and entrepreneurial generation in history’, reflecting a similar proportion in Bangladesh (37%), Malaysia (38%) and Pakistan (38%).

Education is most critical to shape tomorrow’s peace leaders

Youths in all the surveyed markets ranked education as the most critical form of support in order to enable them to become tomorrow’s peace leaders.

This finding was consistent in all six Asia markets, where 47% of Asia’s respondents believe leaders today should invest in developing a more inclusive education system that gives everyone equal access and opportunities.

Thirty-nine percent of Asia’s millennials say that having access to the right platforms to introduce and launch their digital ideas is crucial.

This reinforces the relevance of initiatives such as the Telenor Youth Forum which provides the global stage for individuals to showcase innovative concepts that can drive real change in the world.

Telenor Youth Forum now recruiting for 2017

Designed as a year-long programme in partnership with the Nobel Peace Centre, the Telenor Youth Forum challenges its delegates with solving major socioeconomic crises facing youth.

They are put in teams and paired with mentors from organizations such as UNICEF, Interbridge, the Red Cross, Techfugees and Telenor Research.

Delegates learn skills such as service/product design and prototyping, in addition to insights on issues that can only be gained through hands-on experience.

Recruitment for the Telenor Youth Forum 2017 is now in progress. Youths between 20-28 years of age in markets where Telenor is present are strongly encouraged to apply.

“Millennials are by far the largest, most diverse generation in today’s digital age. They are the generation most driven by social causes and have great potential to drive peace through innovation and digitalisation. And we’re committed to connecting them to the platforms and opportunities they need to come up with their best ideas and do their best work in our hyper-connected world,” said Telenor Group Social Responsibility head Ola Jo Tandre.                                                     

To find out more about the Telenor Youth Forum, and to apply to be a Telenor Youth Forum delegate, visit the official website at 


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