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US-based Kinetica to focus on Asia Pacific markets: Page 2 of 2


With new data sources from the growing usage of multiple devices among the Internet-savvy population in SEA, data has never been as unpredictable or analysis as complex.

Ghulam says that many enterprises today are facing difficulties in harnessing real-time business insights, and these could be customer behaviour insights such as what devices they typically use when shopping online or what promotions they are typically interested in. Siloed legacy databases which are built for serial computing can no longer keep up in today’s era of ‘Extreme Data Economy’.

“Kinetica helps organisations overcome such challenges with our instant insight engine. Powered by thousands of advanced GPU cores, our insight engine empowers organisations and provides them with instant answers to complex data questions as the data streams in.

Organisations can also personalise services in real-time, make informed business decisions on the fly, and turn data itself into valuable new revenue channels.”

When it comes to competition, Ghulam feels that most other data analytics companies run on traditional CPU systems which process data in a deliberate, sequential order, have only a few cores, and run into bottlenecks given today’s data.

“Kinetica, on the other hand, runs on GPUs, hence allowing our users to process high volumes of data simultaneously.”

Another competitive edge Kinetica has over its competitors is their advanced geospatial capabilities. As an example, “We speed geospatial visualisation and deep location analytics, augmenting GIS systems.”

As opposed to the traditional geospatial tools where users can only select top left and right coordinates, Kinetica allows users to select a more accurate area with polygon intersection.

“These data will then be presented through heat-maps and even colour-coded filtering which allow businesses to better identify where their high-value customers are located at.”

Since 2016, Kinetica has been helping enterprises with real-time crunching and analysis of data. This includes major Fortune 2000 brands such as Caesars Entertainment, GlaxoSmithKline, Lippo Group, and Scotiabank.

In terms of artificial intelligence (AI), Ghulam says, ”We strive to empower data-powered businesses by bringing together artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) on a single platform.”

He explains that in Indonesia, OVO, the concierge platform of Lippo Group, a prominent conglomerate in Indonesia, has realised the need for a single, unified customer view and has since chosen Kinetica to support its efforts to integrate an AI, in-memory, GPU database.

“With Kinetica’s solution, OVO can now consolidate all their customer data that are being generated by transactional systems from various subsidiaries into a centralised analytics platform, which hence produces a 360- degree view of the customer profile and journey.”

Indonesia as a developing market

Ghulam sees Indonesia as a burgeoning market for Kinetica, with the growing internet and mobile-savvy population in the country. “It serves a lucrative – and perhaps the largest – opportunity for us to tap into.

“As the fourth country with the highest mobile penetration rate, the data exchanged via mobile phones alone – in addition to numerous other data sources – in Indonesia are immense.”

This poses a challenge for organisations as they will need to look at how they can make sense of and leverage on these data to derive instant and actionable insights.

“As such, Kinetica aims to help business leaders and key stakeholders to understand the differences between a CPU-powered database and the benefits of using a GPU-accelerated solution for the post big data era.”

Kinetica will continue focusing on key markets in Asia Pacific and providing its customers with the technology as they become data-powered businesses. “We hope to expand and ramp up on new client acquisitions and partnerships to help more businesses achieve success in the ‘Extreme Data Economy’.”


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