UCrest partners StayOnline to digitalise healthcare in Africa 

  • Collaboration aims to revolutionise healthcare with intelligent medical service
  • Will integrate payment gateways into iMedic™, expanding access to medical services globally

Desire Muhinyuza , CEO, StayOnline (Left) and Eg Kah Yee, chairman, uCREST (Right)

UCrest Berhad and StayOnline Ltd, a Rwanda-based company, have signed a Business Partnership Agreement to digitalise the healthcare industry in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) integrated into StayOnline Ltd’s digital payment platform. This collaboration aims to offer intelligent medical services, ushering the healthcare industry into a new era.

StayOnline is a leading digital payment platform and business process outsourcing company operating in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia, with merchants across Europe and Africa. Together, they process tens of thousands of transactions daily, serving millions of users.

The partnership will integrate payment gateways supporting millions of users into the iMedic™ digital health e-commerce platform. This integration will provide users easy access to medical service providers not only within Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia but also to other countries. 

In this instance, patients will not only have access to doctors in the countries, but also the renowned specialists in the United States, Europe, China, Singapore and other countries.

Furthermore, the integrated platform will enable StayOnline’s merchants to market their products and services to users in Asia. Both companies will jointly develop the iMedic™ Centre of Excellence (iCOE) for digital health, collaborating with leading medical service providers, universities, and research centers to provide training and certification for doctors, thereby accelerating the digitalisation of the healthcare industry.

The iCOE will serve as a platform for research and development of IoMT and AI in healthcare, collaborating with universities, research institutions, startups, and medical technology companies to accelerate digitalisation of the economy of the country.

Desire Muhinyuza, CEO of StayOnline Ltd, emphasised the widespread accessibility of digital health services, extending beyond local borders to benefit individuals across Africa and globally. “Through iMedic™, users can gain access to top-tier doctors from leading hospitals worldwide, such as MD Anderson, Stanford University Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinics in the US and General Hospital 301 and Union Hospital in China.” 

He also highlighted the transformative impact of AI and IoMT technologies in enhancing patient efficacy, improving healthcare industry efficiency, and reducing costs significantly.

Meanwhile, Eg Kah Yee, chairman of UCrest, emphasized the strategic importance of their partnership, marking the beginning of the digital health era in Rwanda and Africa. He added, “This collaboration aims to elevate healthcare services with automation and efficiency.”

“The establishment of a Centre of Excellence for digital health in Rwanda will position the country as a hub for digital health in Africa and facilitate the adoption of digital health technologies continent-wide,” he further stated.

“With iMedic™ AILab and fundus cameras, patients can undergo eye disease screenings at clinics with online ophthalmologists, eliminating the need to visit specialists. Additionally, with the aging population, Age-related Macular Degeneration, which causes blindness in old age, may be prevalent due to longer life expectancy. With Artificial Intelligence technology, iMedic™ can accurately detect glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and other blood vessel-related diseases, enabling early prevention and management,” Eg explained.

iMedic™, developed by UCrest, stands as the leading digital health platform, deployed across numerous countries in Asia, the Middle East, and the US. Leading the market with its IoMT and AI technologies, iMedic™ empowers patients to take control of their health while enhancing the efficiency of healthcare professionals and facilities through Artificial Intelligence and automation. The platform seamlessly integrates with over 30 wireless medical devices, including ECG monitors, blood pressure monitors, oximeters, ultrasounds, BMI machines, CPAP machines, fundus cameras, and more.


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