Triip announces booking by blockchain feature

  • By mid-December, visitors will be able to book their travels with Ethereum
  • By the end of the month, Triip will accept Tomochain’s new currency TOMO


Triip announces booking by blockchain feature


TRAVEL impact company Triip recently announced the expansion of their payment network, with the onboarding of two new blockchain currencies for their platform.

By mid-December, visitors to Triip’s website will be able to book their travels with Ethereum, and by the end of the month, the company will also be accepting Tomochain’s new currency TOMO.

Triip’s addition of TOMO to their payment network coincides with Tomochain’s launch of their Mainnet blockchain system; starting Dec 6, Tomochain will begin a week-long process that will convert its existing cryptocurrency, ERC-20 TOMO, to the new native TOMO currency. With the launch of the system, Triip will be recognised as one of the new cryptocurrency’s earliest partners.

This partnership follows Triip Protocol’s collaboration with PicMix, a photo-editing and collage-making app. While the two startups’ products may seem very different, they share an interest in customer growth. As such, Triip believes that PicMix will be a key partner in helping the growth of their userbase, particularly in Indonesia.

Triip announces booking by blockchain featureHai Ho (pic, right), the CEO of Triip addressed Triip Protocol’s partners, saying, “As our partner, we are pleased that you are joining us in believing in this forward-looking positioning. Within Triip as well as in the blockchain world at large, big things are happening. We’re glad you’re along for the ride.”

Triip has previously affirmed their belief in the world-changing power of cryptocurrencies, and credit this belief to the company’s product offerings, strategic partnerships, and passion for the travel business.

However, the startup also understands when this belief is met with scepticism, especially given the rough ride some cryptocurrencies have had this year; flagship currency Bitcoin’s value, for example, dropped as much as 80% in 2018.

However, as a four-year-old company, Triip prefers to not take such a restricted view of the state of blockchain. Instead, they refer to the fact that blockchain currencies have ballooned in value by over 3,300%.

They also point out that the number of cryptocurrency users is still strikingly little; there are about 28 million blockchain wallet users at present, which is a very small number in comparison to the estimated 1.2 billion people who travelled last year, all of whom are potential beneficiaries of blockchain technology.


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