TNG eWallet launches GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub for convenience and accessibility

  • Aims to simplify financial management, give users control over their finances.
  • Enables users to manage insurance coverage, optimise their investment portfolios

TNG eWallet launches GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub for convenience and accessibility

TNG Digital Sdn. Bhd. (TNG Digital) announced the launch of GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub within its TNG eWallet. In a statement, the integrated fintech player said this innovative hub is designed to drive financial empowerment, giving users comprehensive control over their financial goals and well-being.

It said GOfinance democratises access to financial services by bringing together top financial products and providers, offering a wide range of competitive options such as investment, insurance, credit score management, remittance, and a new cash flow tracking feature. This inclusivity lowers entry barriers, making high-quality financial services accessible to all through a fully digital and convenient process.

Alan Ni, CEO of TNG Digital, states, “GOfinance is a significant milestone in our journey to drive financial empowerment in Malaysia. By leveraging technology and innovation within the TNG eWallet, as well as strategic partnerships, we provide users with a comprehensive suite of financial solutions at their fingertips. Our goal is to simplify financial management, offering users greater control and a deeper understanding of their finances.”

TNG eWallet is trusted by 5.4 million users to manage their finances, including insurance and investments. With GOfinance, the objective is to increase awareness and literacy by enhancing user experience and promoting greater adoption of financial services products available, with the aim to empower Malaysians to confidently take control of their finances

TNG eWallet launches GOfinance, an all-in-one financial hub for convenience and accessibilityTNG eWallet users can seamlessly manage their insurance coverage, monitor and optimise their investment portfolios, and access convenient and affordable remittance services to more than 50 countries within GOfinance. Users can also stay on top of their credit health through the purchase of credit scores and enjoy greater flexibility over their eWallet balances with the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Visa Card.

The expense tracking tool in GOfinance helps users track and budget their spending within the eWallet, offering valuable insights into their financial habits. By visualising their spending patterns, users can proactively manage their financial health and make informed decisions. Integrating with the loyalty programme GOrewards, GOfinance motivates users to purchase the financial services that they need, creating a beneficial cycle of financial management and rewards.

According to TNG Digital, the launch of GOfinance marks a step up in financial management, bringing convenience, accessibility, and empowerment to millions of Malaysians. With the introduction of GOfinance, the firm offers more than just a comprehensive hub for digital financial services. Coupled with the “Your Money, Your Rule” campaign, which will introduce a series of financial-related content and offerings, TNG Digital aims to empower individuals to take greater control of their financial objectives. This initiative is strategically crafted to bolster their overall financial well-being and contribute to a richer, more fulfilling life.

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