PT Telkom, Cisco support digital transformation of Indonesia’s state-owned enterprises

  • Focus on networking, cyber-security, hybrid cloud, talent development
  • Will work together to build industry-specific value add services


PT Telkom, Cisco support digital transformation of Indonesia’s state-owned enterprises


PT TELEKOMUNIKASI Indonesia (PT Telkom), Indonesia’s largest telecom operator, and Cisco, a global technology leader, have agreed on an engagement to support digital transformation of Indonesia’s state-owned enterprises. The collaboration was announced at a signing ceremony in Jakarta on May 21.

The two companies have been in discussions on how they can work together to address digital needs of enterprises in Indonesia, and have agreed to focus on four key areas:

  1. Networking
  2. Cyber-security
  3. Hybrid cloud
  4. Talent development

Networking: PT Telkom and Cisco will work together to build industry-specific value add services that enable digital transformation of enterprises in key sectors such as financial services, retail and manufacturing.

Examples include network solutions and services that allow banks to open digital branches, or manufacturers to connect industrial devices and machines across the floor to enable automation, reduce operational costs and improve productivity.

Cyber-security: To equip enterprises with tools to protect them from potential cyber-attacks which could result in criminal and/or unauthorised use of electronic data.

This will be done by complementing PT Telkom’s offerings with Cisco’s portfolio such as Firewalls, IPS, Stealthwatch etc. to give enterprises both defensive and offensive mechanisms to safeguard against such attacks.

According to the Indonesian Security Incident Response Team on the Internet Infrastructure / Coordinator Center (Id-SIRTII/CC), there were 205,502,159 cyber-attacks from January to November 2017.

Among the major ones, the WannaCry malware attack in May 2017 affected 12 institutions across Indonesia, including Jakarta and Sulawesi, in various sectors such as health, education, and public services.

Hybrid cloud: To provide joint cloud management services that ensure business agility, flexibility, as well as compliance.

This will be achieved by providing flexible solutions that allow enterprises to store, process and manage data on remote servers - both public and private.

Talent development: The two companies will work together to train technical as well as sales teams to enhance their skills.

The training programmes will include courses offered by Cisco’s Networking Academy, including those in network programmability and cybersecurity, as well as Cisco’s Blackbelt Framework for Engineers.

Cisco’s Networking Academy has a long history in training next generation professionals. In Indonesia, the Networking Academy trained more than 32,000 students in financial year 2017.

Since its inception, the Networking Academy has trained 182,506 students in Indonesia and 1.26 million across Asia-Pacific and Japan.

Cisco Southeast Asia president Naveen Menon, said: “Digital innovation and adoption are key to long-term growth of state-owned enterprises in Indonesia. We are already seeing companies in sectors such as financial services, retail and manufacturing undergoing digital transformation. The success of this transformation hinges on ensuring that enterprises not only adopt the right technology, but are also ready to combat cyber-threats and have access to a large talent pool of professionals with the skill sets required to succeed in a hyper-connected digital world.

“We are delighted to announce our collaboration with PT Telkom. I firmly believe that PT Telkom’s in-depth understanding of Indonesian businesses combined with the strength and wide range of Cisco’s technology solutions will help enterprises in Indonesia adopt digital technologies to address some of their biggest challenges and unlock future growth,” he added.

PT Telkom Enterprise & Business Service director Dian Rachmawan, said that Indonesia’s business landscape is changing rapidly, driven in large part by advancements in technology. While this is opening up new opportunities, it also presents its own unique set of challenges.

“For Indonesian state-owned enterprises to realise the full potential of digital transformation, it is important that various stakeholders, both from public and private sectors, come together and collaborate to share best practices”.

“Our collaboration with Cisco is aimed at using our combined expertise, knowledge and  learning to help Indonesian state-owned enterprises through their digital transformation journey,” he added.  


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