Managing brands the Capillary way

  • Has been in the industry for 10 years and offers SaaS as business model
  • Sees India, China, and Indonesia as its prime markets


Managing brands the Capillary way


SINGAPORE-based technology company, Capillary Technologies helps brands increase customer reach, engagement, sales, and loyalty by providing omni-channel, personalised, and commerce solutions.

The solution suite includes customer relationship management (CRM) & loyalty, MartJack E-Commerce Platform, Marketing Cloud, Customer Analytics, and O2O Commerce, in Software as Services (SaaS) form.

Capillary Technologies vice president and business head Asia Pacific Abhijeet Vijayvergiya (pic, above) tells Digital News Asia in an interview that the 10-year-old company sees changes in consumer behaviour as brought about by digitalisation.

“When you look at consumers, they always change. As an example, the way we shop in the past was different from how we shop now.

“The digital age has come and it makes people conduct online transactions. Even offline retail had to add online channels because of this change in consumer preferences.”

Capillary prepares their clients, who are mainly from retail and FMCG, to always be consumer-ready.

Capillary also works closely with clients from the hospitality and travel industries. Abhijeet says that his company also targets small and medium enterprises (SME).

“Scale of operation does not matter to us because small and big companies will have different needs.”

He believes that the products offered by Capillary are able to interact with everyone and help their clients to keep up with consumer demands.

“We use the Easyverse concept as consumers now need things easy and personalised, and we offer them omni-channel solutions.”

Four key areas of focus in the company’s products are insight, engage, commerce, and loyalty.

“In insight, the company captures data to understand consumer behaviour and after that, to engage and figure out the best way to communicate with them. This is where we make it personalised.

“Through commerce, we make sure that clients’ products or inventory is available on any channel.”

Abhijeet, however, feels that the most important thing is how clients are able to generate consumer loyalty.

“It is seven times more expensive to acquire then retain consumers, so, when clients want to acquire consumers, we also help to retain them.”

Capillary now connects 200 million consumers, enables more than 25,000 stores and 250 enterprise e-commerce implementations across 30 countries.

The company also works closely with leading brands such as Unilever, Walmart, Landmark Group, Madura Fashion, Arvind Brands, Redtag, Calvin Klein, Gap, Courts, Clarks, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Puma.

Focusing on developing markets

Capillary started operations in India, Singapore, Dubai and London. They then expanded to Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Indonesia after two to three years.

Abhijeet adds that Capillary focuses on Asia because it is known for being an IT services market, while in a country such as the United States, more IT products are invented than needed.

“We see IT services booming in Asia. Our company does not do a lot of things but we want to do really well in one thing.

“Although we are headquartered in Singapore, we work around developing and growing countries such as India, Indonesia, and China.”

By diving into these markets, Capillary covers almost 50% of the global market space.

Abhijeet says that these three countries have huge populations with cultural differences.

“The way we work with them is to adapt according to the diversity as well as understand local needs and deliver local-based solutions.”

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