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Continuous innovation is vital


Infinitium opens e-payment doors: Page 2 of 2


Infinitium is in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and recently expanded outside of Southeast Asia to India and Sri Lanka.

It has more than 300 clients using a range of solutions, including payment gateways, 3D authentication, tokenisation services and mobile solutions.

Of the 300 clients, 47 are issuing banks (banks that issue credit or debit cards to customers). Its biggest markets in this segment are Malaysia and Indonesia, with 11 and 22 banks respectively giving Infinitium an 80% market share in each country. 

It also has offices as well as research and development centres across the region, the largest being in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and a data centre in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and India providing analytics for its clients.

Ho emphasises that Infinitium is not a systems integrator that deploys third-party technology; rather, it creates the technology itself.

In fact, the company’s reputation as an innovator has secured it a working relationship with Visa and Mastercard where these global payment companies share roadmaps with the tech company on what they see happening in the e-payment space in next few years.

Ho reveals that this has prompted Infinitium to start research on and create new technology, including its digital wallet solution called Mobile eXperience (IMX), which enables banks to deploy their own digital wallet mobile apps to their customers instead of using something like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

In fact, Visa liked the solution so much it signed an agreement with Infinitium to market IMX to its merchants in Southeast Asia.

According to Ho, Infinitium has secured its position and reputation in the e-payment space because it is able to create technology that solves a problem, is secure, and complies with regulations.

“Unlike a typical tech company, we understand that in this space, you can’t just have tech for the sake of it. Whatever you do, you must ensure it stays compliant and secure,” he says.

He adds that sometimes innovation does not mean inventing a completely new technology. He illustrates with the example of one of the roadmaps shared by Visa and Mastercard that points to opportunities for e-payment in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

“Imagine your car or your fridge, or even a device like Alexa making a payment for you. How do we authenticate the machine?” he asks. Infinitium has started working on a solution to authenticate machine-to-machine transactions.

“Innovation is a continuous progress. You can’t just create one thing and then stop. You have to make something better.”


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