Digital disruption ushers in the era of Industry 4.0

  • The challenges faced in Industry 4.0 in Indonesia are electricity, education, and skills
  • ABB focuses on creating awareness and educating clients on digital technology


Digital disruption ushers in the era of Industry 4.0


WELCOME to the world of Industry 4.0 where automation and data exchange play leading roles in manufacturing technologies. Cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing all come under the ambit of Industry 4.0 which, in turn, has given rise to the smart factory.

Many enterprises from various industries are taking little steps or even big steps in order to adopt this form of digital disruption that may increase productivity.

ABB is a global company that provides technology for utilities, industry, transport, and infrastructure clients.

ABB Singapore and Southeast Asia (SEA) managing director Johan de Villiers (pic) speaks to Digital News Asia (DNA) about digital disruption in Indonesia.

“For ABB, Industry 4.0 means we are using technology to improve industrial productivity and it takes into account every element in the industry,” he explains.

In Indonesia, ABB’s technology initiatives help the F&B industry where they have robot co-workers to help increase and control the quality of products.

In the mining sector motors are added to ease processes and the equipment is connected remotely to experts who control it and deal with a break down.

Villiers says that the challenges faced by every sector in Industry 4.0 in Indonesia are electricity, education, and skills.

To solve the electricity issue, ABB has implemented microgrids, which are low- or medium-voltage grids that refer to distributed energy resources and loads that can be operated in a controlled and coordinated way.

Microgrids can be connected to the main power grid, operate in “islanded” mode or be completely off-grid. They can generate power from both renewable and conventional sources and although they are mainly electrical systems, they can also incorporate a thermal energy component, such as combined heat and power.

“Even though we had initiatives to solve the issue, educating our customer about Industry 4.0 is very necessary. We can see that the Indonesian government is very supportive of digital transformation.

“We hope that the government will come up with new policies to accelerate the adoption of digital technology. And if ABB and the government were up for a collaboration, we have to work on education for future talent and boost their skills.”

Villiers feels Indonesia has huge potential in being able to achieve “success” in digital transformation.

“Indonesia has many resources that can lead to successful digital transformation in industry, enabling the country to remain competitive in the global market,” he says.

Practical encouragement

ABB is focusing on creating awareness and educating clients on how digital technology will help in their businesses.

“We create an awareness about technology in a practical way. This means we offer and provide our devices or technology by showing them how they work. All our solutions have to be future ready too,” he explains.

Villiers says some clients might be afraid to start diving into digital transformation.

“Adapting to technology will take time. Some industries take baby steps to minimise the risks, but some take big steps to grab technology.

“We cannot change everything at once, the most important thing is to plan in a smart way. That is why we want to encourage them not to ignore Industry 4.0 or else, they will lose.”

Industry 4.0 in Indonesia

Villiers believes that Industry 4.0 in Indonesia will attract more millennials or young talent who seek greater landscapes in terms of job opportunity.

“I can see that the young generation now engages technology in their daily life. More talents are interested in applying technology in everything they do and the advancement of technology in industry will attract them,” he concludes.


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