On-demand car tinting service TintNOW.my opens its doors

  • Tint packages start from as low as RM550; come with a five-year warranty
  • The service is currently available in the Klang Valley


On-demand car tinting service TintNOW.my opens its doors


DRIVEN Technologies Sdn Bhd announces the launch of TintNOW.my, an on-demand service for car tinting.

TintNOW.my offers a complimentary concierge service, where car owners can purchase their preferred vehicle tint package online, and wait for the service to pick up their car, carry out the tinting application, and deliver their cars back to them.

This online-based service is the first of its kind in Malaysia and is conceptualised by the team behind the automotive news website, paultan.org.

TintNOW.my was created with aim of saving time and providing convenience with the bonus of discounted prices from the get go.

To make the process easier, TintNOW.my’s inventory includes pre-set packages tailored according to vehicle types and classes, which can then be further customised by various types of tinting, either security or non-security window films.

“Our goal is to solve the most common issues associated with car tinting: the time and hassle involved. Conventionally, one would have to find the right tinting package based on price and location, then book an appointment and spend hours of their time at the tint shop. This can be very troublesome to a lot of motorists,” said Driven Technologies executive director Harvinder Singh.

By visiting TintNOW.my, car owners can search the inventory of tint packages, available from as low as RM550 and upwards for more premium packages.

Customers can also benefit from a virtual tool designed to help them gauge the darkness of their selected tint package, along with information on vehicle tint guidelines from the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Once they've chosen a package, buyers can set their appointment and complete the transaction by making the payment online via approved payment gateways.

The entire process, which takes a few clicks to complete, can be done anywhere and anytime, and is entirely mobile friendly.

"TintNOW.my also offers discounted prices. Normally the final transacted price will depend on the buyer’s negotiation with the tint shop. TintNOW.my saves the buyer the hassle by giving discounted prices from the get go - prices on TintNOW.my are either as good, or even better than the final prices at physical window tinting shops. Together with the complimentary pick-up and delivery service, TintNOW.my becomes an ideal solution," Harvinder added.


On-demand car tinting service TintNOW.my opens its doors


Tint film brands that are available include V-Kool Serendipity as part of the premium range, as well as Armourcoat / Solar Gard and Tint-A-Glass films in the intermediate and entry-level offerings.

The tint application work is carried out by TintNOW.my’s exclusive logistics partner, Tint-A-Glass (M) Sdn Bhd, a vehicle tinting specialist with over 15 years of experience.

All tint films purchased on TintNOW.my come with a five-year warranty.

Customers can track their purchases via a step-by-step notification process carried out via email and SMS with regards to the pick-up and delivery of their vehicles.

Security is enhanced further with a staff ID identifier, so customers will not have to worry about passing their car keys to the wrong person.

All TintNOW.my drivers are also accustomed to handling various cars, and have been specially trained with defensive driving skills by industry professionals.

TintNOW.my's services are currently available for customers with brand new cars or those without a tint film installed.

Vehicles with existing tint film are accepted with a RM200 surcharge for tint removal.

Customers can place their order anytime, online. Based on the scheduled appointment, a same day service is available for those who book before 1pm, or before 10am for vehicles that require the removal of an existing tint film.

The service is currently available in the Klang Valley.

To learn more about TintNOW.my and its tinting service, visit www.tintnow.my


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