CyberSecurity Malaysia, LGMS collaborate to address SME cybersecurity weakness

  • Lack of awareness over cybersecurity poses risk to their operations
  •  Complexity and cost often a deterrence to implementing effective measures

CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) CEO Ts. Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab (2nd from right) with LGMS Executive Director Fong Choong Fook (2nd left) at the LGMS headquarters in Subang Jaya. Also present were CSM Head of Cyber Solution Mohammad Fahdzli (right) and Cyber Security Industry Engagement & Collaboration Senior Executive, Mohd Rahmad (left).

CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) is spearheading efforts to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity ecosystem, with a focus on enhancing cybersecurity standards throughout the country.

Led by CEO Ts. Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, the initiative aims to foster closer collaboration among the public sector, private enterprises, and academic institutions – collectively referred to as ‘PPA’ – to counteract increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

“The collaborative effort is crucial in our nation’s ongoing battle against the evolving landscape of cyber threats,” said Amirudin, underlining the significance of a unified approach in further enhancing Malaysia’s cyber defences.

Amirudin, who is also actively involved with the Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN), is seeking to bridge the gap between academic research and the practical needs of the cybersecurity industry.

“By integrating real-world industry challenges into the academic curriculum, the initiative aims to prepare students with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for the cybersecurity workforce,” he added.

Amirudin’s engagement extends to his role in the Industrial Advisory Council of the Polytechnic and Community Colleges Department (JPPKK) under the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), where he leverages his position to enhance cybersecurity standards among graduates. This involvement is part of a broader strategy to align educational outcomes with industry requirements, thus improving graduate employability in the cybersecurity sector.

Highlighting a particular concern for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Amirudin pointed to the lack of cybersecurity awareness within this segment. “SMEs often overlook the importance of cybersecurity until they are affected by an incident, not realising the potentially devastating impact on their business.”

To address this, CSM plans to launch awareness training programmes specifically tailored for SMEs, encouraging them to adopt basic cybersecurity measures, such as avoiding pirated software.

Amirudin was speaking after an industry discussion at LGMS Berhad, one of Malaysia’s leading cybersecurity groups.

LGMS is working with CyberSecurity Malaysia to ensure the success of its upcoming launch of the StarSentry cybersecurity platform. The company is set to introduce the ‘plug and play’ StarSentry device in mid-2024.

Recognised as the ‘Cybersecurity Product Innovation of the Year’ at the Malaysia Cybersecurity Awards 2023, StarSentry’s value proposition is its ability to simplify cybersecurity for SMEs by providing comprehensive asset discovery and vulnerability scanning capabilities.

LGMS executive chairman Fong Choong Fook concurred with Amirudin over the SME sector’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

“In an era where digital threats are becoming more prevalent, it is imperative for SMEs to prioritise cybersecurity. Unfortunately, complexity and cost often deter them from implementing effective measures,” said Fong.

This is where the introduction of StarSentry serves as a game-changer for SMEs due to its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly features.

“StarSentry embodies the ideal solution for SMEs, offering a straightforward, ‘plug and play’ approach to cybersecurity. This innovation allows SMEs to easily monitor their digital environments, ensuring they can focus on their core business without the constant fear of cyber threats,” said Fong.

Amirudin said that this initiative reflects a concerted effort by CyberSecurity Malaysia and local companies to mitigate cyber threats and enhance the digital security landscape for businesses and the nation. “Through strategic partnerships, innovative solutions and targeted education and awareness programmes, CyberSecurity Malaysia aims to continue nurturing a resilient and secure cyberspace for all Malaysians.”


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