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APU’s mega career fair sets the benchmark as Malaysia’s largest university-organised career fair 

  • The fair presented over 10,000 career opportunities
  • Half of the exhibitors are Malaysia’s Top 100 leading graduate employers

APU’s mega career fair sets the benchmark as Malaysia’s largest university-organised career fair 

The APU Mega Career Fair 2024, in collaboration with Malaysia Digital Premier Digital Tech Institutions (MD PDTI) Talent Hunt, was a success, drawing a diverse crowd of job seekers and visitors to the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) campus on June 12th, 2024. 

According to a statement by the university, this year’s fair offered hope and opportunity for many, providing a platform for students and job seekers to engage with potential employers across various fields, including engineering, technology, finance, healthcare, and beyond. The fair catered to diverse interests and career paths, reflecting its inclusive approach to fostering career development among attendees.

Key highlights at the fair include:

1. Participation of 120 exhibitors.

2. 50% of the exhibitors represent Malaysia’s Top 100 leading graduate employers.

3. Coverage of 19 different industries.

4. 50% of the exhibitors actively sought international students for employment.

5. A total of 5,333 full-time job openings were available.

6. 4,809 internship positions were offered.

7. The fair presented over 10,000 career opportunities.

The fair’s atmosphere was enriched by interactive sessions led by industry experts and included networking opportunities, allowing students to directly interact with human resources professionals and company representatives.

The combination of interactive sessions and networking opportunities underscored the fair’s commitment to equipping students with the skills and connections necessary to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Employers' perspectives

APU’s mega career fair sets the benchmark as Malaysia’s largest university-organised career fair Ir Wan Murdani Wan Mohamad (pic), vice president and head of Digital Industry Acceleration at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate once again with APU in facilitating student job placements and networking at the fair. He also commended the positive turnout, underscoring the fair’s significance as a valuable platform for students.

Furthermore, he highlighted the positive impact these opportunities had on shaping the career trajectories of aspiring students, reinforcing the importance of such collaborative efforts in fostering talent development.

Daisy Vincent Xavier, Global Maybank apprentice at Maybank, noted the diverse backgrounds of APU students and their strong communication skills in articulating their career aspirations. She emphasized their readiness to contribute effectively in diverse professional environments, their proactive approach to learning, and their potential to thrive in dynamic industries, making them highly sought-after candidates for future opportunities.

Nur Syarwani Mohd Nasir, Talent Attraction specialist at U Mobile, expressed surprise at the helpful nature of students as they navigated company choices during the fair. She appreciated their willingness to assist each other, fostering a supportive community atmosphere where collaboration thrives. She also stressed the importance of such teamwork in preparing students for future career challenges and opportunities.

Student Perspectives

APU’s mega career fair sets the benchmark as Malaysia’s largest university-organised career fair Prawen Sin Hee, an APU student, actively sought internship opportunities aligned with his studies by engaging with prominent organizations during the fair. He praised the fair for its value, the diverse array of available positions, and the insightful exchanges with company representatives, highlighting the wealth of knowledge he acquired that will prove instrumental in shaping his future career path.

Yew Pei Ming, another APU student, described the fair as a priceless opportunity to explore internship positions. She appreciated the impressive number of participating companies offering a wide range of options, and valued the direct connections with employers that provided insights into aligning her skills with company goals and specific internship criteria beneficial for her career growth and professional development.

Abdullah Mohammed Hazeq, an international APU student from India, found the fair to be an amazing experience. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to interact with employers and experts from various industries in one place, greatly widening his career opportunities and providing crucial support in progressing his professional path, playing a key role in his overall growth.

Strengthening Academic-Industry Collaboration at APU

APU’s mega career fair sets the benchmark as Malaysia’s largest university-organised career fair Gurpardeep Singh, chief operating fficer at APU (4th from the left in the photo), highlighted the pivotal role of these events in forging stronger ties between academia and industry. He emphasized their importance in preparing students not just academically, but also professionally, to thrive in a competitive global job market.

“By facilitating direct interactions with industry leaders and providing hands-on experiences through events like the APU Mega Career Fair, APU ensures that its graduates are equipped with practical skills and industry insights. This approach not only enhances employability but also fosters a deeper understanding of industry expectations and trends among students,” he said.


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