Author: Sharmila Ganapathy-Wallace

Personal styling for mobile-savvy women
Jakarta-based Yuna & Co will soon launch their personal styling app for women in Asia.
China and India dominate venture capitalists’ radar
VC firms that are focusing on the region have raised twice as much capital for strategic investing in these two countries alone.
Bringing out the best in entrepreneurs
TiE Singapore aims to advance Singapore-based entrepreneurs with mentoring and guidance.
Malaysia’s data centre blues: A spanner in the nation’s dreams (Part 2)
In this second article of a two-part series on the data centre industry in Malaysia, Sharmila Ganapathy-Wallace looks at how the local industry has progressed and the issues it faces.
Malaysia's data centre blues: A dream that’s tough to realise (Part 1)
As more people move to cloud, the data centre industry is not expected to grow that strongly anymore. In the first of a two-part series Sharmila Ganapathy-Wallace considers the realities of the Malaysian dream of becoming a regional data centre hub.
Malaysia's domestic focused SMEs lack motivation, expertise in going digital
SME Association of Malaysia president Michael Kang explains why SMEs are not ready to embrace digital and how to help them.
Financial advice the robo way
Singapore-based Marvelstone Capital is geared to make an impact in the region with its new robo advisor for family offices.
3ciety launches new e-marketplace
Aims to help individuals create and sell merchandise online.
Fintech still has a long way to go
The growth trajectory for fintech is not as straightforward as it may appear to be at first sight.
Boosting the data talent pool
ADAX wants to nurture Asean data startups, upskill SMEs.
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