Author: Masyitha Baziad aims to be the ‘Alibaba’ of Indonesia
Backed by a US$500-million investment commitment from one of Indonesia’s biggest conglomerates, Lippo Group, believes it is on the right path to becoming the biggest e-commerce player in the country.
LINE dan Go-Jek berkolaborasi
Go-Jek bisa dipesan melalui aplikasi LINE Go-Jek buka platform untuk kerjasama dengan aplikasi pihak ketiga
aCommerce expanding services, markets
Thai startup unveils tool that helps retailers list their products across multiple marketplaces, announces plans to penetrate Malaysia and Vietnam this year. out to woo Indonesia’s romantics
For the just-launched, it’s about romance – everything from romantic gifts to personal care products and even more, shall we say, intimate needs.  
Indonesia’s Telkom blocks Netflix, industry calls for revision
Indonesia’s largest telco Telkom has decided to to block Netflix, barely a month after the video streaming service launched in the country., portal khusus untuk romantisme
Jual produk personal dan jamin privasi pelanggan Potensi pasar masih besar, edukasi dibutuhkan
Indonesians working abroad: Come home, urges Robert Walters
The rise of e-commerce and the digital economy, as well as modern technology, healthcare and insurance companies, in the past year will mark Indonesia’s talent war in 2016.
Banking disruption: It’s about collaboration, not competition
When it comes to financial inclusion, all players – traditional FSIs, telcos, fintech companies and governments – should be working together, seamlessly, to foster a cashless society.
Dell pastikan potensi PC masih besar dan belum tergantikan
Turun pada 2015, 2016 akan naik seiring update Win10 Mobile bukan saingan PC, inovasi adalah kunci utama  
Garuda lakukan transformasi digital secara total
Gunakan teknologi cloud, Garuda ingin jadi penerbangan berbasis IT Akan berlakukan sistem penjualan langsung melalui platform e-commerce  
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