Author: Karamjit Singh

Preferred destination for finance, accounting services
MDeC to collaborate with ACCA to raise the profile of Malaysia as the preferred destination for finance and accounting shared services and outsourcing centres.
Tonton sees strong mobile growth
The rising popularity of Media Prima Berhad’s online video property,, is validating the company’s decision to go in with both feet into the digital space and not with a gradual approach where investment is justified by market traction. Furthermore, its entry into the mobile space is bearing fruit -- today, out of the 400,000 daily weekday page views, 100,000 originate from mobile devices.
iPay88 moves into Philippines market
Lim Kok Hing, executive director of Sdn Bhd (iPay88), had just returned from Manila on April 18 and was gushing about the opportunities in the Philippines. “It is really a vibrant place,” he says, equating it with how Indonesia was five years ago.
Gradual approach by Kleenso
Kleenso founder Lee Teck Meng's focus is all on managing growth, and he recognises the role technology can play in making Kleenso a more competitive business. But he also recognises that his staff are not IT-literate yet and if he imposes technology adoption on them, 'they cannot catch up and their current work productivity will fall as well.'
And we're live ... finally!!
It is a relief to finally have Digital News Asia (DNA) up and running. It has taken the typical hard work and running helter-skelter to get things done. There will probably be plenty of kinks to be ironed out and we will do these on the fly. The site however is just a platform. Our aim is to highlight and profile what goes on in our ecosystem on a daily basis and with updates on entrepreneurs who are doing exciting stuff.
You, the ‘police-ing’ citizen
We know what to do with our mobiles. We are also getting better at using our mobile’s multimedia capabilities to record and take shots of everyday life, and the occasional weekend rally or sit-in. And we are about to get better at it.
Digital marketing expected to exceed RM450m for 2012
Three years ago in Malaysia, there was probably one company with a digital budget of RM5 million or more. Today there are over 20 companies in Malaysia. Digital advertising has arrived.
Social business to have huge impact
In January 2011, IBM started calling its social agenda, Social Business. The reason was to drive home the point that embedding “social” into a company’s business processes drives strong business value.
We need a kick up the you-know-what, says angel investor
The feeling on the ground is that Virtuous Investment Circle, announced with much fanfare in 2010, has not made any investments at all. Its founder Bob Chua vehemently denies this, but admits it should do a better job in sharing what it is doing to live up to its promise of “passionately creating a vibrant ecosystem for angel investing.”
Qualitas ahead of the curve
To the Qualitas Medical Group Sdn Bhd, which operates a chain of 90 clinics around the country, technology has always been part and parcel of healthcare. That relationship is deepening as the Group migrates to the cloud.
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