Author: Dr Jeremy Malcolm

Online advocacy, slacktivism and making a real difference
In online advocacy, there is often the tendency of campaigning organisations to exaggerate the issues at stake, argues Dr Jeremy Malcolm, who adds that online campaigning also has to be followed through by real-world action.
Consumers, domains and astroturfing
An easy but deceitful way for businesses to trust and respect is to establish fake consumer organizations or campaigns, a practice known as 'astroturfing' and which is being used by trademark holders in their campaign against new TLDs, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
How the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens online rights and freedoms
There are many disturbing provisions in Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement put forward by the 800-pound gorilla that is the United States, writes Dr Jeremy Malcolm.
Internet freedom in a world of states
There is a growing fear that governments are moving to more broadly address Internet governance issues through purely intergovernmental processes. But this fear may have been built on false assumptions. Dr Jeremy Malcolm explores the issue.
Copyright enforcement is killing people
Whilst copyright owners have rights, consumers have rights too. Dr Jeremy Malcolm looks at how the copyright enforcement industry has overstepped the bounds of proportionality and fairness.
WCIT: Freemasons, Internet memes and salt
For the first time in its history, the ITU failed to reach a consensus on the new International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) at the World Conference on International Telecommunications earlier this month. But the ITRs are a distraction from the ITU's real shortcomings, which are deficiencies of process, writes DNA columnist Jeremy Malcolm.
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